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Knock it Off — My Modcloth Knock Off

I had so many options and such grand plans for my stop on the Knock It Off tour this year!  But when it came right down to it, I went for something simple.  That’s partly because I really do prefer simple shapes and simple clothing, and partly because my spring pretty much went to hell in a handbasket.  Work has been crazy busy ever since the beginning of the year, and then my husband blew out his Achilles, and my oldest had a rare autoimmune reaction to a virus and spent 5 nights in the hospital.  Whew!

Creative Counselor: Knock it off tour


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Made: Pirate Pencil Skirt

Patterns for Pirates has many lovers in the indie sewing world, but it’s not a designer I’ve used very often.  I do have several of their patterns, so maybe I’ll have to work my way through reviewing them.

Even though I haven’t used their top or dress patterns, I am a fan of their Pirate Pencil Skirt, which is free to members of the Facebook group.  I love me a good knit pencil skirt — they are easy to wear in almost any situation and take virtually no time to sew!

Creative Counselor: Pirate Pencil Skirt

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D&D Melilot Shirt

Long time no see, friends!  I hope everyone has had an adequate 6 weeks since I last checked into this space.  If I said that I had a great 6 weeks, I would totally be lying.  To be honest, the last 6 weeks have been rather shitty in my corner of the world.  My husband ruptured his Achilles in late February playing basketball with the first graders, so he has been in a boot and using a scooter to get around for the last 5 weeks.  He had surgery to repair it 3 weeks ago.

And we have spent the last 3 days with my oldest an inpatient at the children’s hospital, with expectations of being here at least another 5 days or so.  He had a very rare reaction to some sort of viral infection.  Still trying to figure out exactly what, though he tested positive for flu and little sister has mono.  Yeah, when it rains it pours.  “Go big or go home” is the Lee motto this year.

Creative Counselor: Melilot Shirt

Anyway, before the proverbial shit hit the fan around here, I managed to complete this Deer & Doe Melilot shirt, which further cemented my love for D&D patterns.  They’re just so nice!

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Grainline Penny Raglan

***This post originally published on the Cali & Co blog***

If you’ve ever read my blog, it should be no surprise that I love loose, oversized garments, particularly those in bamboo jersey.  And this Penny Raglan (which I originally featured as a Cali & Co contributing blogger) is one of my all-time favorite flowy patterns.

Katie Lee: Penny Raglan

Photo Credit: Go Dream Photos

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Canyon Cardigan — still hanging on to summer

Welp, that was an unexpected weeklong break!  Oh well, worse things have happened 🙂

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

And in the meantime, I tested the new cardigan just released by Love Notions — the Canyon Cardigan (affiliate link)!

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Pattern Review: WBM Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse

So today I’m back with a full-on review of the Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse that has already appeared twice on this blog without a proper review!

Creative Counselor: Daisy Dropped Shoulder blouse

I received this pattern free of charge (full disclosure) to pair with the WBM slim fit pants that I tested a couple of weeks ago.  For that pairing, I made this black top.  And I liked it so much that I immediately made another!

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Filling holes in my closet — WBM Slim Fit Pants

I think this may be the first time a Wardrobe by Me pattern has ever appeared on this blog!  Not because I haven’t wanted to sew any of these patterns, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it (story of my sewing life).

But work pants are a huge hole in my closet, so I jumped at the chance to test the new Slim Fit Flat Front Pants from Wardrobe by Me.

Creative Counselor: WBM slim fit pants

These are a classic chino with slim legs.  They have a flat front, full zip fly, back darts, and a waistband with belt loops.  These photos are of the tester version of the pants, but the final pattern didn’t change much, so they should still give a really good idea of how the final pants look.

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Luna Loungewear

The latest Love Notions pattern has released and once again I tested it (Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions paid testers, meaning that I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and then talking about it after release).

This time Tami decided to make sure that we were all as well dressed at night as we are during the day.  Hence the Luna Loungewear (affiliate link) pajama set:

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

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Pattern Testing: Blank Slate Leralyn

If you’re thinking that I’ve been doing a lot of pattern testing for my summer “off,” you would be right.  There aren’t too many things that entice me to unpaid pattern testing anymore, but one of the rare reasons why I will do so is if I’m looking for motivation to make a particular category of garment.  That was my reason for testing the KBSD shorts I showcased earlier this week, and it was also my reason for testing this new pattern from Blank Slate Patterns — the Leralyn Dress.

Creative Counselor: Leralyn Dress

A loose shift dress has been on my need-to-make-now list foreeeeeever, but other projects always kept jumping in front of it.  I knew that testing would finally give me the kick in the bum that I needed to add this dress to my wardrobe.

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