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D&D Melilot Shirt

Long time no see, friends!  I hope everyone has had an adequate 6 weeks since I last checked into this space.  If I said that I had a great 6 weeks, I would totally be lying.  To be honest, the last 6 weeks have been rather shitty in my corner of the world.  My husband ruptured his Achilles in late February playing basketball with the first graders, so he has been in a boot and using a scooter to get around for the last 5 weeks.  He had surgery to repair it 3 weeks ago.

And we have spent the last 3 days with my oldest an inpatient at the children’s hospital, with expectations of being here at least another 5 days or so.  He had a very rare reaction to some sort of viral infection.  Still trying to figure out exactly what, though he tested positive for flu and little sister has mono.  Yeah, when it rains it pours.  “Go big or go home” is the Lee motto this year.

Creative Counselor: Melilot Shirt

Anyway, before the proverbial shit hit the fan around here, I managed to complete this Deer & Doe Melilot shirt, which further cemented my love for D&D patterns.  They’re just so nice!

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A Perfect-for-layering Lark Tee

I have officially crossed over into the category of Grainline groupie. I’m not ashamed of this fact. With amazing patterns like Linden, Scout, and the Tiny Pocket Tank, Grainline deserves the praise.

So naturally when Jen released her newest pattern, the Lark Tee, I hopped right on that bandwagon too!  I purchased Lark almost as soon as it popped up in my Instagram feed and started working on my first top that evening.

Creative Counselor: Lark Tee

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Birthday shirt for the hubs

Well this is a rare treat!  It’s no secret that I spend most of my sewing time making things for myself, but on occasion I do sew for other members of my family.  I find it more difficult to sew for others in my household since I’m not actually in their heads and don’t know their every thought about what I’m making.

But this summer I set out to finally make Albert the button down shirt I’d been promising him for ages.  His birthday falls mid-summer, just a couple of weeks after Father’s Day, so I made this shirt as a combo birthday/Father’s Day present.

Creative Counselor: Birthday Shirt for the Hubs McCalls 6044

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