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Doing a Lil’ Laundry

It’s all about the kiddos this week!

It’s the Daddy-Daughter dance at school tonight, and the girl requested a new dress for the occasion.  She was in my fabric room last week and pulled out a galaxy print jersey (that I got aaaages ago from Girl Charlee) as the perfect fabric for her dress.  And lo and behold, I had cut a dress for her out of that exact fabric about a year ago!

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

It was fate.

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Boys Can Wear Pink!

It’s that time of year! Time for season 3 of Handmade Boy’s Boys Can Wear Pink blog tour. Given current events, it seems appropriate to take a few minutes to continue the efforts to break down gender stereotypes for both boys and girls.

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

I am blessed with two beautiful boys in addition to my girl, so while we have a healthy dose of pink in our house, it’s not overwhelming.  Still, when you ask my kids what colors they like (or when they randomly volunteer that information), my oldest will say in no uncertain terms, “I like all colors EXCEPT pink and purple.”

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Canyon Cardigan — still hanging on to summer

Welp, that was an unexpected weeklong break!  Oh well, worse things have happened 🙂

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

And in the meantime, I tested the new cardigan just released by Love Notions — the Canyon Cardigan (affiliate link)!

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Luna Loungewear

The latest Love Notions pattern has released and once again I tested it (Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions paid testers, meaning that I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and then talking about it after release).

This time Tami decided to make sure that we were all as well dressed at night as we are during the day.  Hence the Luna Loungewear (affiliate link) pajama set:

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

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Love Notions Release: Girls Tidal Dress

Love Notions released the girls version of the Tidal Dress (affiliate link) today, and it turns out that this is N’s ideal summer dress!

** Disclosure: I am one of Love Notions’ paid testers, meaning I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and sharing my experience with it upon release.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

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New release: Love Notions Tidal Tank & Dress

Another great new pattern released from Love Notions today, and I got to be a tester 🙂

** Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions’ paid testers, meaning that I get a small stipend for my efforts in testing and posting about the pattern.  I am also a Love Notions affiliate, so if you click through any of the links in this post and buy something, Tami will send a dollar or so my way 🙂 This blogging habit of mine gets pricey with very little remuneration, so I do appreciate every little bit!

Creative Counselor: Tidal Tank & Dress

The Tidal Tank and Dress (affiliate link) is a quick and easy knit dress.  The last few LN releases have required a little more fitting than a basic knit and have also ventured into the world of wovens.  While I have loved that, it is nice to have a quick, easy project sometimes, and Love Notions afficionados may appreciate a return to the quick knits.

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My Summer Uniform?: The Summer Caye Pants

Love Notions has just released a new pattern, which happens to be my ideal summer pants, so I was quite excited that I got to be a tester for the Summer Caye Pants (affiliate link). And apologies in advance for the photo-heavy post — it was so hard to pick photos to use!

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

** Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions’ paid pattern testers, which means that I received a small stipend for testing and writing about this pattern.  My non-compensated love for Love Notions has been well-documented in recent months, but I fully recognize that receiving compensation can impact opinions, whether consciously or unconsciously.

If you’ve browsed RTW either in stores or online this season, it doesn’t take long to see that breezy, wide leg pants are IN.  Like seriously in.  And I LOVE it!  These pants are totally my style.  It occurred to me the other day that with this pattern, it feels like I’ve finally found MY style.

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Sabrina fail — And why stretch percentage matters

Well this post was originally intended to be my March Sew the Sew contribution — inspired by the ’50s style in Call the Midwife.

Creative Counselor: Sabrina Fail

And it still is, but I’m going to spend most of the post talking about these Sabrina Slims and why they were a horrible fail :/

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La Bella Donna: The Pattern Review

So at this point, you all are probably thinking, “Geez, Katie, are you eeeeever going to stop talking about that stinkin’ La Bella Donna??”  Well, I guess the answer is yes … eventually.

But I’ve posted about 3 La Bella Donna (affiliate link) tops for 2 different blog tours and have yet to do a proper step-by-step review! Time to remedy that.

Creative Counselor: La Bella Donna pattern review

I won’t go into the nitty gritty of each of these 3 tops.  You can see deets about my camo La Bella Donna here, and about the other two here.

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