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Watcha Wearin’?: On a Lark

I’m back for the Watcha Wearin’ January tour with yet another Grainline make. What can I say? I love Grainline patterns!

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

Watcha Wearin' January

I bought the Lark Tee when it released in 2015 and sewed up a great sparkly grey V-neck that you may recall from here.  Then I cut another top, and like the sewing magpie that I am, was promptly distracted by another shiny new project.

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B2b: Styling a basic tee

One of the reasons that so many of us hate to sew basic items is that they just seem so boooooring.  I used to be like that too.  But then I started working more with solids and discovered that it’s not nearly so boring to make something that I know I will wear. A lot.  So today let’s talk about styling and some of the many ways in which you might wear those basic tees you’re making this week:

Back to Basics: Styling a basic tee

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