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Watcha Wearin’?: On a Lark

I’m back for the Watcha Wearin’ January tour with yet another Grainline make. What can I say? I love Grainline patterns!

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

Watcha Wearin' January

I bought the Lark Tee when it released in 2015 and sewed up a great sparkly grey V-neck that you may recall from here.  Then I cut another top, and like the sewing magpie that I am, was promptly distracted by another shiny new project.

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Grainline Archer, Zombie style

Can you tell that I’ve had cold-weather clothes on the mind?

Actually, I had a little bit of foresight this year and managed to sew ahead of the cold season.  That means I’m actually wearing handmade clothes most days!

Creative Counselor: Grainline Archer

This is another pair of shirts that I originally made for another purpose — the pink and black flannel debuted over on the Sew the Show blog back in October, and the black and white gingham was part of my Where to Wear blog tour outfit.

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Channeling Lorelei

As you can see, I’ve been stocking up on cold weather makes lately.  This is a top that I originally posted over on the Sew the Show blog as my Gilmore-Girls inspired make.  Lorelei Gilmore wears a sweatshirt just like this one in an episode, except that hers was navy with a pink heart.  I would have loved to use navy and pink for this, but I didn’t have the right fabric, so green and cream it was!

Creative Counselor: Gilmore Girls inspired Linden Sweatshirt

I won’t go on too much here.  This is the Grainline Linden sweatshirt.  Just my 587,394th one.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration 🙂  I think this makes number 9.  Still, definitely a TNT pattern!

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Where to Wear blog tour — Office Style

I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately — I’ve been spending a lovely 4 days on a sewing weekend with my girlfriend-wives and it has been heavenly. I love my family very much but sometimes Mama needs a break! We’ve spent the last four days sewing and drinking and sewing while drinking. It was exactly what I needed!

But today I’m here as part of the Where to Wear tour showing off some office wear that I made!

I am a full-time attorney and I work in a fairly conservative law office but I know many people don’t.

So I decided to do two looks — a more formal look that fits right in at a conservative law office as well as a “casual Friday” look that would be great for a more casual office as well!

Creative Counselor: Where to Wear

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A Cozy Linden Sweatshirt

Before we take another look at one of my all-time favorite patterns (shameless Grainline fangirl here), I just wanted to let y’all know that I have more great tips over on the Sew the Show blog today!  Several of you have expressed interest in seeing how I do a forward sloping shoulder adjustment, which is one of my typical adjustments.  Well, I did a photo tutorial walking you through the whole process!  Find it here.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

Creative Counselor: Linden Sweatshirt

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A Perfect-for-layering Lark Tee

I have officially crossed over into the category of Grainline groupie. I’m not ashamed of this fact. With amazing patterns like Linden, Scout, and the Tiny Pocket Tank, Grainline deserves the praise.

So naturally when Jen released her newest pattern, the Lark Tee, I hopped right on that bandwagon too!  I purchased Lark almost as soon as it popped up in my Instagram feed and started working on my first top that evening.

Creative Counselor: Lark Tee

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Scouting Around — Grainline for the Win.

I am seriously late to this party.  Sewists and bloggers have been sewing up and touting the virtues of the Scout Tee for what seems like years and I just recently got around to sewing one up!

Creative Counselor: Scout Tee

Now I know what the fuss was all about.

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Pocketless Tiny Pocket Tank

Working with this pattern really drove home how dramatically fabric choices can affect the fit and overall look of a pattern.

Tiny Pocket Tank sewn by Katie @ www.creative-counselor.com

Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studios, and rain in July. What’s up with that??

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My very own chambray Archer — finally!

Yet another top that I started during Back 2 Basics and planned to finish that week.  But then … yeah, well life happened and I just finished it last week!

But I’m so glad I did — I love this shirt!

Grainline's Archer Shirt sewn up in chambray by Katie @ Creative Counselor for Back 2 Basics week

My chambray Archer!

Sewing bloggers have been singing Archer‘s praises for months, and they are all right on.  This is a great pattern!  It’s well-drafted, well-written and yields a great finished product.

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