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Day and Night, Take 2

I was wondering if I would manage to finish a single set of day and night dresses for the Day and Night Dress Challenge, but I ultimately finished two!

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

This is my second set of Day and Night dresses and my second challenge entry.

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D&D Arum — my “Day” dress

Before the ice-storm-that-wasn’t, I managed to get some photos of this dress last week when our temps hit the 60s for a few random days.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

This is my “day” dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge on Elizabeth Made This.  It’s also a Pinterest-inspired make.  I saw this dress on Pinterest and knew I wanted it, but I didn’t want to buy it since I had never heard of the seller before and I get a little skeptical of clothes from unknown makers that randomly pop up all over social media feeds.

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Rut?  What Rut?

Some people, seeing yet another tank top on my blog, might say that I am in a sewing rut.  But I say, no way!  It’s just Midwest summer 🙂

Creative Counselor: Plantain tank mash-up

Anyway, I’m “bringing home” this outfit that I originally posted over on the Sew the Show blog as my Modern-Family-inspired July Sew the Show outfit.

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My Mom Uniform — the Bruyere Shirt

Well, our coffee date will have to wait until tomorrow because I have an actual garment post today!!

I mentioned last week that I had just gotten back from an amazingly fun sewing weekend with my girlfriends.  Well, this Bruyere Shirt was my main accomplishment that weekend, and I L-O-V-E love it!  I also whipped through a few easier makes, which I will blog eventually.  When I take pictures.  Yeah…you know how that goes.

Deer & Doe Bruyere Shirt sewn by Katie @ www.creative-counselor.com

My Bruyere Shirt — I love it!  Photo by Crystal Liepa Photography.

But back to Bruyere!

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A beachy Plantain dress

Anyone who follows me on Instagram can probably figure out that we just got back from a weeklong family trip to California.

Traveling with three kids can best be described as a “circus,” but it was nice to get out of town for a few days. As I was packing my own bag, I was pleased to realize that most of what I was throwing in my suitcase was made by my own two hands! My pants and shorts were all storebought (summer project!), but I only brought 2 RTW tops for daily wear and they were both simple little tanks that I use for layering. I plan to replace all of those with handmades this summer too!

Among the handmade items in my suitcase was this sleeveless knit dress that I adapted from the Plantain Tee pattern by Deer & Doe. As you can see, it made perfect beach wear!

Awesome beachy Plantain Dress by the Creative Counselor (www.creative-counselor.com)

Beachside in Cali.

Awesome beachy Plantain Dress by the Creative Counselor (www.creative-counselor.com)


I actually wore this dress a few times during the week we were gone. It is super comfy, and the deep scoop neckline made it really easy for nursing. It worked perfectly as a beach coverup or just for running around town when we were staying with family inland.

Awesome beachy Plantain Dress by the Creative Counselor (www.creative-counselor.com)

Back view

This fabric is a cotton rayon blend jersey from Girl Charlee. I originally ordered it with fun leggings in mind, but when it arrived, the print was MUCH larger than I expected. I still loved the colors, though, and the hand is lovely and flowy and so comfy to wear!

Awesome beachy Plantain Dress by the Creative Counselor (www.creative-counselor.com)

On the beach in Encinitas, CA.

I didn’t do much in the way of alterations to make this sleeveless.  I just omitted the sleeve pieces and bound the openings with the same fabric as my neckband.  Easy peasy!

Awesome beachy Plantain Dress by the Creative Counselor (www.creative-counselor.com)


I wore this dress over my swimsuit the first evening that we arrived in Encinitas, CA. Here are a few other photos from that first evening playing in the surf:

Awesome sunset shot on the beach.

J, my beach baby, dancing in the surf!

Amazing sunset shot on the beach!

Albert and Baby J basking in the sun.

Great beach shot!

N running away from the waves. She’s not nearly as fearless as her brother in the water.