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Made: Closet Case Morgan Jeans

These jeans originally appeared on the Cali Fabrics blog, along with details on how I faded and distressed them.  You can see all those details here.

Creative Counselor: Morgan Jeans

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Where to Wear: Glamping in style

Oy, it’s been a busy month around here!  With two birthday parties (hosted by me) this past weekend, blog tours, not to mention my day job, I have felt really overcommitted.  But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this tour because it’s always so much fun!

where to wear

My theme this time around is … Glamping!  Confession time — I had to look up glamping when I got this theme to figure out what the heck it even meant!  For those like me who are sooo not in the know, glamping is short for “glamorous camping.”  Something like enjoying the outdoors and beautiful hikes, etc. while staying in an air conditioned cabin.  Yurts and teepees are very popular with the glamping crowd too, I’m learning.

Where to Wear: Glamping

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The Long & Short of It — Prefontaine Shorts

Well, it just seems like I can’t get enough of blog tours lately!  When Ti asked me about joining this blog tour highlighting summer capris and shorts, and I realized that I didn’t even need to sew up anything new since I had an unblogged pair of Prefontaine Shorts, I figured what the hey?

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

So I am here today showing off my fourth version of the Made by Moxie Prefontaine Shorts.  I haven’t sewn a lot of shorts patterns, but the fact that I’ve gone back to this one four times now should tell you something.  It should tell you that I really like it!

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

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Cozy Carolyn Pajamas

I’m kicking off Mad Men month for Sew the Show with some classic PJs.Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

You may wonder what PJs have to do with Mad Men, and that would be a fair question. I have a confession–I’ve never actually seen Mad Men, so I can’t tell you for sure whether this is even slightly related to anything any character ever wears on that show.

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(Take 2) Six Degrees of Separation: A Few Good Patterns

Wow, how is it that these two weeks are already at an end?  And that Christmas is only a week away? Are you ready?  I’m not quite, but I’m pretty close.

Sew the Show Six Degrees blog tour

Anyhoo, back to business!  I have the unique privilege of both starting and ending the Sew the Show Six Degrees of Separation tour!  If you haven’t already, head over to Maria’s blog and see her Footloose look before you read on.

Go ahead, I’ll wait …

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Knock ’em Dead — the Sallie Jumpsuit

Since fall is officially here (though you may not know it from our temps!), I finally made the full-length Sallie jumpsuit I’ve been coveting since the pattern’s release.  We had a party to attend when the Plaza art fair was on over the weekend, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

Let’s cut to the chase: I looooooove this jumpsuit!  I think it may be the most comfortable and flattering garment that I’ve ever sewn for myself!

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April Sew the Show Outfit #2: The One Where I Made Jeans!!!

Like I said, I couldn’t decide on just one inspiration for this month’s Friends-themed Sew the Show!  After all, there’s not much that says “90s” more than high-waisted light-wash jeans with a crop top, amiright?

Creative Counselor: The One Where I Made Jeans

J took these first couple of photos. He wasn’t really “into” it that day :/

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