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Watcha Wearin’? — A Popover Poncho

Creative Counselor: Popover Poncho

Can you believe that I made this poncho more than a year ago and it is still unblogged?? Well, no more!

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Panama Tee dress for “night”

I managed to sneak in my “night” dress for the “Day and Night Dress Challenge” just under the radar!

Creative Counselor: Panama Tee Dress

The day part of this challenge was easy — pretty much anything went for that one.  But night was a little more challenging.  I don’t have many occasions to wear fancy dresses, date nights tend to be pretty cas, and when I do want a night dress, I typically don’t wear black (a random, in my opinion, requirement for the “night” dress).

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Watcha Wearin’? — a finally finished UFO!

I can’t be the only one who finishes a project, loves it, promptly cuts 2 more, gets them most of the way done, and then peters out, right?  Right???

Creative Counselor: Bruyere shirt

Unfortunately that’s what happened with this top.  I finished my first Bruyere shirt by Deer & Doe ages ago (November 2014 for anyone who’s counting), and I loooooooved it.  You can see me raving about it here.  So then I promptly cut out two more Bruyeres and decided to sew them assembly-line style.

I got as far as the sleeves (meaning that the bulk of the shirts were D-O-N-E done) when I got distracted by a shiny new project, and put them aside.

Creative Counselor: Bruyere shirt

Two years later…

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D&D Arum — my “Day” dress

Before the ice-storm-that-wasn’t, I managed to get some photos of this dress last week when our temps hit the 60s for a few random days.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

This is my “day” dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge on Elizabeth Made This.  It’s also a Pinterest-inspired make.  I saw this dress on Pinterest and knew I wanted it, but I didn’t want to buy it since I had never heard of the seller before and I get a little skeptical of clothes from unknown makers that randomly pop up all over social media feeds.

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Wrapping myself in warmth, aka the Named Talvikki Sweater

I spent a few lovely days in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin over New Year’s this year — I say lovely because even though it was flipping cold and snowy outside, we were cozy and warm inside with wonderful friends and a brand new baby to help snuggle.

And while I was there, hunkering down from the cold, I managed to crank out this Named Talvikki sweater!

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

**All photos in this post are courtesy of Crystal Liepa Photography

I’ve had my eye on the Talvikki ever since its release earlier this fall, and it is just as warm and snuggly as it looks in the listing photos.

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Me-Made May

It’s about that time!  Me-Made May is just around the corner, and I just made my pledge.


I had to think a bit on how to make this an actual challenge this year.  At least 80% of my wardrobe is handmade at this point, so just pledging to wear all me-made everyday doesn’t really take THAT much effort.  So I tried to add a little extra to challenge my styling skills 🙂

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Creative Counselor: Tessa Dress

Pinspired: My Tessa Dress(es)

Love Notions (affiliate link) released a new pattern today, and I got a sneak peek as a tester!** The Tessa Dress (affiliate link) is a nice addition to my work wardrobe and also presented a perfect opportunity for a “Pinspired” make that I’ve been lusting over for weeks!

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Downton-inspired Sybil Skirt

If you’re not in the Sew the Show Facebook group (and if you’re not, I just have one question — why not?), you may not know that we’ve been sewing along to Downton Abbey this month.  And since the sixth and final (wahhhh!) season started just a few weeks ago, the timing was perfect!

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

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Six Degrees of Separation Day 5

Wow, hard to believe it’s Friday already?? That means the first week of the Six Degrees blog tour is coming to a close. I love movies and it’s been fun seeing how others have interpreted some of my favorites.

Six Degrees of Separation Day 5

We have two great movies and two amazing bloggers up today as well! First, check out Lauren’s stop at It’s Been Taylored:

And then make sure to see Maegen’s adorable son at Mae & K:

Six Degrees of Separation Day 5

Reversible Baby Bib Tutorial + Free pattern!

Well, I promised a free baby bib pattern, so here you are!  This isn’t a photo tutorial because (1) I didn’t have the photos for a photo tutorial or an occasion to make another bib for pictures (I will try to change that eventually), and (2) this isn’t rocket science.

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