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Day and Night, Take 2

I was wondering if I would manage to finish a single set of day and night dresses for the Day and Night Dress Challenge, but I ultimately finished two!

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

This is my second set of Day and Night dresses and my second challenge entry.

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Panama Tee dress for “night”

I managed to sneak in my “night” dress for the “Day and Night Dress Challenge” just under the radar!

Creative Counselor: Panama Tee Dress

The day part of this challenge was easy — pretty much anything went for that one.  But night was a little more challenging.  I don’t have many occasions to wear fancy dresses, date nights tend to be pretty cas, and when I do want a night dress, I typically don’t wear black (a random, in my opinion, requirement for the “night” dress).

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D&D Arum — my “Day” dress

Before the ice-storm-that-wasn’t, I managed to get some photos of this dress last week when our temps hit the 60s for a few random days.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

This is my “day” dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge on Elizabeth Made This.  It’s also a Pinterest-inspired make.  I saw this dress on Pinterest and knew I wanted it, but I didn’t want to buy it since I had never heard of the seller before and I get a little skeptical of clothes from unknown makers that randomly pop up all over social media feeds.

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My Fall Capsule Challenge

As you may have seen, I finished my fall Momiform capsule and revealed it last week.  You’ll see my detailed thoughts on each of those patterns over the coming weeks.

Creative Counselor: Momiform MAKEover Fall Capsule Reveal

But I had a thought recently that I needed something to make sure that I wear these capsule pieces on a regular basis.  One thing about my default “Momiform” — it’s comfy.  Like really comfy.  The jeans are so well worn and broken in that they’re soft as suede.  The t-shirts and sweatshirt are that lovely cotton/poly American Apparel blend that feels like butter on my skin. So I fear that I will still default to it even though it all looks like it would be appropriate for an extra on The Walking Dead (shameless plug: TWD is the upcoming October Sew the Show choice — if you don’t follow me over there, you should!).

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