Boys Can Wear Pink!

It’s that time of year! Time for season 3 of Handmade Boy’s Boys Can Wear Pink blog tour. Given current events, it seems appropriate to take a few minutes to continue the efforts to break down gender stereotypes for both boys and girls.

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

I am blessed with two beautiful boys in addition to my girl, so while we have a healthy dose of pink in our house, it’s not overwhelming.  Still, when you ask my kids what colors they like (or when they randomly volunteer that information), my oldest will say in no uncertain terms, “I like all colors EXCEPT pink and purple.”

So it was a tall order to find a way to incorporate pink into an outfit that he might, under some circumstances, consent to wear.  For him, it was all in the details…

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

He’s very much the cool cat these days at a big ol’ 7 1/2, and athletic wear is the cool thing to wear.  I exaggerate — he’s not interested so much in being cool as he is in being comfortable.

Little guy was a little easier.  First of all he was just thrilled to have anything Mama-made, since he is very rarely the recipient of my sewing efforts (down side of being the third child and getting all the hand-me-downs).  And there were cute foxes on his shirt, which he declared that he LOOOOOVED!

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

Hard to believe this cute little sucker makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes!

Terra from New Horizons was kind enough to provide the shorts pattern I used for this post.  Each of my boys got a pair of New Horizons Reef Walkers (affiliate link).  I wanted a pattern that was (1) comfortable, (2) easy to make, and (3) had an accent piece where I could use pink.  The Reef Walkers fit all three criteria!

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

Big guy’s shirt is a simple raglan — the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew.  He’s getting to the top of the size range for this pattern so unfortunately I will have to find a new TNT raglan pattern soon!  I used my coverstitch machine (very carefully I might add) for the hot pink topstitching on the raglans seams and the hems.

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

For the little guy, I wanted something that I could color block.  And luckily I had the Love Notions Vanguard kit (affiliate link) in my pattern stash!  His shirt is View A with short sleeves.  My only alteration was to mimic the front yoke on the back piece so that the foxes went all around.

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

It remains to be seen how much these items will actually get worn.  Big guy really does love the feel of the shirt (I used a super soft double-brushed poly to make it more attractive for him), though he asked me if I could cover up the pink topstitching.  And he’s asked me for a solid pair of these shorts.   Little guy was anxious to put his outfit on and reluctant to take it off, so I think that’s a good sign!

Creative Counselor: Boys Can Wear Pink

But if nothing else, I’ll just continue to make sure they know they can wear whatever they want!

On the big boy:
See Kate Sew Recess Raglan in double-brushed poly from LA Finch Fabrics
New Horizons Reef Walkers (affiliate) in black french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

On the little boy:
Love Notions Vanguard kit tee (affiliate) View A in Kaufman Fabulous Foxes from
New Horizons Reef Walkers (affiliate) in charcoal french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

No good blog tour would be complete without a giveaway and prize packs.  Be sure to enter the giveaway (link below) and stop by the other tour stops!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes: (bundles excluded)

Pattern of choice from Max & Meena Patterns
Pattern of choice from PUPERITA
Pattern of choice from Striped Swallow Designs
Pattern of choice from Stitch Upon a Time
Pattern of choice from EYMM
Pattern of choice from The Wolf and the Tree
$30 gift certificate from Girl Charlee

And be sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour!


4 thoughts on “Boys Can Wear Pink!

  1. Melissa

    I love these outfits. Your little guy looks so pleased. And I hope the big guy realizes how cool that out fit looks.


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