Day and Night, Take 2

I was wondering if I would manage to finish a single set of day and night dresses for the Day and Night Dress Challenge, but I ultimately finished two!

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

This is my second set of Day and Night dresses and my second challenge entry.

Another Arum dress for day:

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

And another Panama Tee dress for night:

Creative Counselor: Day and Night Take 2

These are just a little different from my previous versions of these patterns.  On the Arum, I added 3″ of length to make it a little more office appropriate.  A small change, but one that will make it much more wearable in spring and summer when I do not wear tights or pantyhose.

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

This Panama Tee dress is made straight from the pattern this time, without the tank and length modifications I made to my previous versions.

Creative Counselor: Day and Night Take 2

The Arum is made from a bird print rayon sateen that I picked up last spring from Blackbird Fabrics.  I wish I could express in writing just how soft and silky this fabric is!  But shockingly it did not stretch out while sewing it.  In other words, it’s the holy grail of rayon that I am unlikely to ever encounter again.

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

But obviously it does wrinkle! Sorry, I wasn’t able to take photos until after I’d worn it all day at work 🙂

For this Panama Tee dress, I went with a simple black velvet from Stylish Fabrics.  I used the knee-length version of the pattern and the long sleeves.  I did have to cut about 2″ off the sleeves because those suckers are loooong!  I don’t have particularly short arms, but the sleeves were comically long on me as drafted.

Creative Counselor: Day and Night Take 2

I’ve really been enjoying the velvet trend this year, but I’m wondering whether it will stick around long enough to make it worth it for me to take on one last project.  I’d love to make a simple, slightly fitted velvet top to wear to the office.  Maybe in a nice mauve or purple.

Creative Counselor: day and night take 2

These patterns are both still among my new favorites.  I’ve always been a separates girl in the past, but I’m really warming up to dresses this year.  Particularly easy-to-make, easy-to-wear dresses like these ones.

I foresee a lot more simple dresses in my spring and summer wardrobe — for both work and play!


8 thoughts on “Day and Night, Take 2

  1. mahlicadesigns

    Very nice dresses and congrats on making two sets for the challenge. I like looking at everyone’s velvet, but working with it a couple years ago has solidified my resolve to let this trend pass on by for me.

    1. Katie Post author

      Ha! I can understand that. I purposely chose patterns where I didn’t have to do a lot of pressing. I knew I would never finish it if I had to deal with the more finicky aspects of velvet 🙂

  2. Lori

    Hi Katie
    These are both gorgeous. I have that same rayon from Blackbird Fabrics and your are right… It is soft and draped and still lovely to sew. And it is a wrinkly monster too. Love the choice you made for it in this dress.

  3. tibecayao

    I’ve been all about the dresses lately and these are fabulous. If I could find a sateen that didn’t go crazy any time I went near it, I’d probably make a lot more woven projects.


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