Love Notions Release: Girls Tidal Dress

Love Notions released the girls version of the Tidal Dress (affiliate link) today, and it turns out that this is N’s ideal summer dress!

** Disclosure: I am one of Love Notions’ paid testers, meaning I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and sharing my experience with it upon release.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

You may recall that I tested the ladies version of this pattern last month, and my Tidal dresses and tanks are still in heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe.  N has been bugging me for ages about getting her some maxi dresses, so I was pretty sure that the girls Tidal would be a good match for her.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

And she is thrilled with her new dresses!  This first one (or last one actually) is made from the final pattern as it ultimately released.  N is a slender little thing, so I made her size 4 with a skirt cut to the length of size 5.  The fit is great on her, and she loves wearing long dresses like this.

This next one is actually my pretester version, but the fabrics are just sooooo N!  This pattern was in pretty darned good shape by the time it even hit pretesting, so the modifications to the patterns were fairly minimal even from this version.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

I think N actually jumped up and down and squealed when she saw this dress.  Needless to say, it is a new fave.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

And girlfriend found her sass when she was modeling these dresses for me!  This next one is probably my favorite fabric combo.  N has a newfound love for blue, so she was pretty happy with it as well.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

These are both stash fabrics that have a random blend of fibers.  The fabrics didn’t have quite as good of recovery as the cotton/spandex I used for the back pieces in the earlier two, and you can tell that the armscyes are a little more stretched out.  I also cut this one at a 5 through the bodice narrowing to a 4 width and 5 length for the skirt.  As you can see from the first photos, the size 4 with 5 length was a better fit for N.

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

This pattern goes together amazingly fast too.  There is no center back seam on the girls version, so the whole thing goes together in a snap.  It is our new favorite dress pattern!

Creative Counselor: Girls Tidal Dress

Pattern: Girls Tidal Tank and Dress (affiliate link) by Love Notions

Price: $7.95

Size: 4 with 5 length

Difficulty: Beginner.

Techniques Required: Sewing with knits, attaching armbands and neckbands, hemming knits.

Similar Patterns: With the front princess seams, I don’t know of any that are particularly similar.

Fabric: A random selection of cotton/lycra and rayon blend knits.

Fit: Great.  N loves how these dresses fit, and I was quite pleased as well.  I went with a size 4 and extended the skirt to the 5 length for the ideal fit for her.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF.  As with all Love Notions patterns, this file has no-trim pages and layers.  The printing guide also tells you exactly which pages you need for each size and version.  Even though the file was about 33 pages long, I think I only had to print 12 for the size 4/5 maxi version.


  • Very fast sew.
  • Fun design elements that can be customized for lots of looks and for any age.
  • Lots of options — three sleeve options and three length options.
  • Good fit straight off the bat.
  • Front panel is great for stashbusting.


  • Older girls may like to have the center back seam from the women’s version for more shaping.  Not an issue for my 5-year-old, but it may be for teens.

Overall Grade: A.  I love a girls pattern that is quick and satisfying.  Particularly when they outgrow (or destroy) clothes as quickly as my kids do, it’s nice to have something that I can throw together in an hour.



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