A little blog break

So it’s been a little quiet around here lately.  I’ve popped in for an occasional blog tour or to post about a pattern test, but overall my blogjo has been pretty nonexistent the last couple of months.  I overcommited on blog tours, challenges, and obligation sewing this spring, and I am definitely feeling burned out.

As a result, I’ve decided that a little blog break is in order 🙂  I still have one blog tour that I committed to this summer, so I will be honoring that obligation (I absolutely will not back out of a tour after I’ve committed to it), and I will still do a pattern test or two over the course of the summer, but other than that, I will be stepping back from the blog at least until fall.

I’m looking forward to sewing whatever the heck I feel like sewing without having to fit it in a particular theme.  I’m looking forward to sewing just for the sake of making something without feeling the need to photograph and blog about it on a schedule.  I may still pop in with a post here and there, but if I do, it will be because I really wanted to write about something or I was so excited about a project that I just had to share.

And I may take the time to rethink how I share my creations as well, and the format of this space.  I love blogging, and I love the connection it gives me to all you lovely folks, but the reality is that this blog does not pull its financial weight.  The current format of this blog (a free wordpress.com blog) doesn’t allow me to monetize and try to generate any kind of revenue, and as a result, I’ve never put a lot of time or energy into really developing my photography skills and building my audience.

Anyway, those are the things that have been on my mind the last month or so.  I’ll see you here and there around the Internets over the next couple of months, but otherwise, I hope everyone has a great summer!

*** I will still be around on Instagram and Facebook over the summer.  Follow me on those platforms to hang out !


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