Where to Wear: Glamping in style

Oy, it’s been a busy month around here!  With two birthday parties (hosted by me) this past weekend, blog tours, not to mention my day job, I have felt really overcommitted.  But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this tour because it’s always so much fun!

where to wear

My theme this time around is … Glamping!  Confession time — I had to look up glamping when I got this theme to figure out what the heck it even meant!  For those like me who are sooo not in the know, glamping is short for “glamorous camping.”  Something like enjoying the outdoors and beautiful hikes, etc. while staying in an air conditioned cabin.  Yurts and teepees are very popular with the glamping crowd too, I’m learning.

Where to Wear: Glamping

I admit that I became a tad bit enamored with the whole idea of glamping.  I love spending time outdoors, hiking, exploring, etc., but I don’t particulalry enjoy sleeping in a tent on the ground.  Glamping sounds like the perfect getaway for me!  In fact, we have already scheduled a weekend getaway this summer with the grandparents to go “glamping” in an air-conditioned yurt!

Despite its name, glamping is the ultimate casual getaway, and my outfit is appropriately casual as well.  I’ve been itching to try the new Closet Case Morgan jeans since it came out, and this is my first attempt — Morgan jean shorts!

Where to Wear: Glamping

I’m not completely in love with these jean shorts.  That’s no fault whatsoever of the pattern (which is fabulous and I will definitely be using again), but rather of the length I chose.  I think they would be more flattering if they were a couple of inches shorter, and I’m not loving the rolled look.  I plan to cut off about 4 inches (they currently have an 8″ inseam  with 2″ rolled for a final inseam of 6″), and then do a zig zag around the leg openings.  Then I’ll throw them in the wash so the bottoms can fray and hopefully that look will be better!

Where to Wear: Glamping

But the pattern was great, and the button fly went together so nicely.  I made size 12, which is perfect for these jean shorts.  I also plan to use some of my lovely Cone Mills for a pair of full-on boyfriend jeans this summer.  I may size down to a 10 for those.

But of course I need to wear something with my jean shorts.  Glamping says comfy, casual, and summer to me, and that all says tank top.  This baby blue tank top is my favorite tank from the Alabama Chanin fitted dress pattern, which is available in this book.  I eliminated the front seam and cut this one on the fold, and did a clean finish binding for the edges rather than the raw edge binding called for in the pattern.  It’s such a great basic.

Where to Wear: Glamping

And while my shorts and tank top would undoubtedly be my daytime glamping uniform, I may need something on my shoulders while sitting around the campfire at night, even in July in Missouri.  A basic button up doesn’t take up much room in the bag, and serves that purpose wonderfully!

As fate would have it, I realized after taking these photos, that this Archer shirt is the one I made for my first Where to Wear tour last November!  A shirt that can easily go from the office to the glamp site is the ultimate in versatility!

Where to Wear: Glamping

So what do you think?  Are you a glamper?

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11 thoughts on “Where to Wear: Glamping in style

  1. Maria

    Love it! Glamping is so my thing. We used to go to a campground in Japan that had cabins with deep Japanese bathtubs!

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  3. Meghan @ Hayes Days

    I LOVE that we’re both wearing gingham. It’s what I immediately thought of when I took a glamping spot. I like the shorts and I’m eager to see how they turn out with your alterations.

  4. Angelica @ Gardening In High Heels

    LOVE the throwback to the fall round of Wear to Where and multipurpose clothes! And holy cats, you made jean shorts!? I bow down to your talent. Even if you’re going to make adjustments, I’m still in awe that you could craft them in the first place. The whole look is spot on for glamping. Enjoy the air conditioned yurt this summer!

  5. Erin @ Teal and Polka Dots

    Wow, I’m so impressed that you made your entire outfit! The most adventurous thing I’ve every sewed was crib bumpers, but you made shorts! I’m seriously impressed! Your outfit looks great, love the gingham paired with the blue tank and boyfriend shorts and the hat really makes the outfit. 🙂

  6. Lodi

    Very important question (to me)! Why zig zag before cutting off jean shorts??? I’m just about to cut…

    1. Katie Post author

      Zig zag because I want the fraying to stop. If I don’t sew along the edges, the fabric will just keep fraying with every wash so I’ll sew around the edges to make sure it stops where I want it. And zig zag because the stitch will stretch as the denim relaxes with wear.

    2. Katie Post author

      And I may need to clarify–I’m not going to zig zag on the raw edge. I will sew that line about 1/2 inch or so up from the raw edge.

  7. Katy McKinley

    I am so with you on the frayed jean shorts idea. This would take an awesome pair of pants and make them even more awesome. (I have yet to grow out of my high school / college fashion of destroyed denim.) You look amazing, lady!!


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