Fall Capsule — Day Tripper Top

Moving on through my fall capsule, we are now on to the tops!  This is the Day Tripper Top by Shwin Designs.  This is actually the second Day Tripper I’ve made.  I made one over a year and a half ago, forgot to blog it, wore it to death, and now it’s all faded and soooooo not blog-worthy!

Creative Counselor: Day Tripper Top

So my fall capsule was a good opportunity to revisit this pattern, and also try out the long-sleeved version!

I really like the Day Tripper top.  It has a nice shape, simple clean lines, and is a breeze to sew.

Creative Counselor: Day Tripper Top

This is a basic dolman-style top that can be made short-sleeved simply by leaving off the sleeve extension and attaching the included cuff piece instead.  Or I guess you could also leave off the cuff altogether and hem the sleeve for an even shorter or cap sleeve.

The top is very relaxed and requires virtually no fitting.  The dolman/drop shoulders eliminated any need for my typical sloping shoulder adjustment, and since the top is designed to fit very loose, there was no need for an FBA.

The back dips down for a fairly restrained high-low hem.  Since I’m still coming around to the whole leggings-aren’t-pajamas thing, this makes the top ideal for wearing with leggings, IMO!

Creative Counselor: Day Tripper Top

You may notice that this top looks a little baggy and that the shoulders are seriously dropped.  That’s actually due to my fabric, not the pattern.  For this top, I used a really gorgeous knit that I picked up from Britex Fabrics last year.  In fact, I bought as a direct result of Kristin’s Julia Cardigan post last year because it was just so gorgeous.  And I was so caught up in the gorgeousness of the fabric that I missed all the subtle warnings in her post that this fabric might not be suitable for every use.

While this fabric is gorgeous and really high quality, it is super drapey and has very poor recovery.  As a result, this top stretches out really fast and I need to launder it to get it back to its original shape.  Constant laundering is a recipe to destroy knit fabric, so I end up not wearing it as much as I otherwise would if I had chosen a more sturdy fabric.

Creative Counselor: Day Tripper Top

It’s a real bummer actually because this fabric, in addition to being a very nice quality, was also fairly pricey, as are most Britex fabrics.  Though, honestly, considering how poor the recovery is, I don’t know what else I could realistically have used it for.  I don’t sew a lot of knit projects that don’t depend to some degree on fabric with good recovery.

So this top was only a qualified success.  Love the pattern, but it was a fabric mismatch.  Guess I’ll just have to try again!

Pattern: Day Tripper Top by Shwin Designs.

Cost: $12 USD

Size: S.

Fabric: Striped jersey blend from Britex Fabric.  Beautiful fabric, but its poor recovery made it less than ideal for this top.

Difficulty:  Knits beginner.  There is no traditional sleeve to set in, and the bands and cuffs are straightforward, making this a good first knit top!

Techniques required: Sewing with knits, attaching a neckband.

Similar patterns:  There are a lot of dolman patterns available now.  Some options would be the Kymy Dolman (which I reviewed here) by Everything Your Mama Made, the Pumpkin Spice Dolman by Patterns for Pirates, the Seamwork Aberdeen for a V-neck option, and of course the free Grainline Hemlock Tee.

Modifications: None.

Fit:  The fit on the pattern is really good.  The fit on this particular top is only so-so due to my fabric choice.  This fabric stretches far more than I would like for this top making an oversized top really oversized.

Pattern format:  PDF only.  This PDF is fine.  Not too big, not too small.  The instructions are typical of most indie pattern companies that use blog-style photo tutorials for the instructions.  That is, they’re too long for my taste, too hard for non-beginners to use and too hard to find the one or two things that I’m looking for.


  • Quick, easy and comfortable.
  • Oversized so the fitting issues are basically nil.
  • Multiple length and sleeve options.


  • I find most indie patterns have rather annoying instructions, and I would say these fit that mold.  I admit that is a personal preference — I don’t like photo tutorials as pattern instructions.
  • Otherwise, no real complaints!

Overall grade: B-. This is a nice dolman pattern with some good options.  Gets marked down every so slightly because there is a free pattern (the Hemlock) with pretty much the same look, though this pattern is graded and that one isn’t.



4 thoughts on “Fall Capsule — Day Tripper Top

  1. Elizabeth

    I have the Day Tripper pattern and have made it twice. I love my long sleeve one made with sweater knit – it’s so comfortable! Your top looks nice even with the drapey fabric and I like the stripes a lot.


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