Knock ’em Dead — the Sallie Jumpsuit

Since fall is officially here (though you may not know it from our temps!), I finally made the full-length Sallie jumpsuit I’ve been coveting since the pattern’s release.  We had a party to attend when the Plaza art fair was on over the weekend, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

Let’s cut to the chase: I looooooove this jumpsuit!  I think it may be the most comfortable and flattering garment that I’ve ever sewn for myself!

I’m drawn to the styles of the 1970s anyway, and this jumpsuit falls squarely into that category.  Plus, I love how the cut and fit of it makes it look like my legs are a mile long and the whole silhouette is very slimming.  For context, I’m 5’3″ on a good day so my legs are definite not a mile long!

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

Granted, I am wearing 4″ platforms in these photos.  I specifically hemmed this jumpsuit to wear out and I always knew I’d wear it with my surprisingly comfortable Naya platforms.

I did a full-on review of this pattern here when I made my romper version over the summer, so I won’t repeat all the deets.  I made almost no modifications to the pattern for this jumpsuit.  I did cut the sleeves just slightly different than the pattern to better fit my method of sewing together a lined bodice.  But otherwise, nada.

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

I kept it simple for my full-length version.  This is a navy blue bamboo jersey that I picked up from  It is silky soft and was really easy to work with.  Bamboo jersey is probably my favorite type of knit fabric — it has the stability of ponte, the drape of a thin rayon, and is soft as silk to wear.

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

My only gripe about this pattern is that the cut of the pants makes the pocket bag somewhat visible in a solid fabric.  But it really doesn’t bother me that much in practice because it’s not nearly as noticeable when I’m moving and the fabric is dark enough that the average person standing and talking to me will never notice that they can see the outline of the pocket bags.  Instead, they just notice how amazing I look in my jumpsuit!

Creative Counselor: Sallie Jumpsuit

Now that I have my casual summer version and my fancy going-out version, I really think I need a wear-around-the-house version.  I’m thinking of mashing the Sallie with my Lark tee for long sleeves and hemming it to wear with flats.  And I think a french terry would be perfect for fall/winter, don’t you?


16 thoughts on “Knock ’em Dead — the Sallie Jumpsuit

  1. Sara

    That looks super comfortable and flattering. I saw someone with a jumpsuit earlier this week and the fit was much too tight. You did a great job with the fitting!


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