Summer’s finally here!! (I think … hope … )

I know this isn’t the case in other parts of the country, but here in the MIdwest, Mother Nature is on crack.

I live in Kansas.  In Kansas, we generally have relatively short, mild winters, long springs, and early, blessedly warm summers.  But this year, winter just. wouldn’t. end.  It was probably April before spring weather finally replaced winter.  And since then, the rain just. won’t. end.  The pools couldn’t even open on Memorial Day because it was so cold and rainy — practically unheard of here.

But finally the forecast shows a week without rain, which means might yard may finally dry out enough for me to finish my vegetable garden later this week.  That’s right — the garden we started building at the beginning of April still sits undone because there hasn’t been a long enough dry stretch to till up the soil and finish the darned thing.

But enough whining — down to business!  Even though Kansas has been stuck in Mother Nature’s shower for the last two months. I have had summer on the brain.  Not surprisingly therefore, my May Show the Show outfit centered on summer staples.

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

My Golden Girls-inspired Sew the Show outfit

I’ll post about each piece separately, but for now, let’s talk about this kimono.

This isn’t a true pattern review per se since this isn’t a true pattern — I used the DIY kimono tutorial from the Elle Apparel blog.

The tutorial instructions are pretty detailed, and Leanne gives precise measurements for the pieces, which is very helpful.  My only complaint about this kimono is that it’s suuuuuper long.

I would seriously consider whacking off a few inches from the back, but I rounded all the corners and did the bottom hem, front and neckline in one long hem.  If I make another one (jury’s out on whether my wardrobe needs more than one kimono), I would definitely take a few inches off the back piece.

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

See how long the back falls?

In fact, it’s totally possible that I measured either the back or front pieces wrong because there’s such a difference.  I like the length of the front pieces, and a hip-length kimono would probably work well on my frame.

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

Back view.

Other than length, this kimono fits me pretty well.  It’s very loose, but that’s how it’s designed, and it does fit fairly well across the shoulders.

The fabric has been sitting in my stash for a loooong time.  Back in May 2013, Kelly from Cut Cut Sew made a Cascade skirt in this fabric, and I fell in love with it.  I promptly went to the Etsy store where she bought it, and it was listed at only $4 per yard — $4!!! So I bought 5 yards.  This kimono used one, which means I still have 4 yards sitting down in my stash.  Prepare to see more Van Gogh outfits in the (hopefully near) future!

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

How gorgeous is this fabric? I adore all the blues in it.

It’s a wonderfully drapey rayon so it was perfect for this kimono.  And the print — how gorgeous are all of those blues?  A kimono is great for fabric like this, or any fabric with a large-scale print because there’s not much to break up the print.

Creative Counselor: DIY Kimono

Kimono love.

But, not much more to say.  Love the the fabric, good tutorial, nice summer piece to throw over shorts and a tank top for an evening on the patio.  It was two hours well-spent!


3 thoughts on “Summer’s finally here!! (I think … hope … )

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief

    It’s not just there that Mother Nature is on crack. She’s been taking something here too. 1st June and it’s normally blazing sunshine, instead it’s blowing a gale, we had to light a fire in the log burner last night and the winter duvet is still on the bed. They’ve said it’s going to start warming up tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath!

    1. Katie Post author

      Glad I’m not alone! I am seriously ready for some summer over here. I rarely complain when it gets super hot (because I vastly prefer it to the cold), but this year it will be extra welcome!

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