Top 5 of 2014 — Top 5 hits

Last year I enjoyed reading everyone’s top 5 posts reflecting on their sewing year and I’m starting to see them pop up already this year. So I thought I’d join in and reflect a bit on my 2014.

2014 was really a mixed bag for me from a clothing standpoint.  I started out the year about 40 pounds overweight still holding on to a lot of baby weight after Baby J was born.  I lost 20 of those pounds in January and the remaining 20 by July.  So there were a lot of garments that I made early in the year that are now unwearable due solely to that weight loss and not the quality of the garment or pattern.

But without further ado, here are my 5 favorite makes from 2014:

1. Bruyere Shirt.


This is one of my favorite makes of the year. Not only is the fabric amazing and the shirt finished really nicely, but it also has great memories. This is the main garment I made during my Girlfriend-Wives sewing weekend so wearing it reminds me of good friends. I also love the shape of the shirt and it’s so comfy for weekend wear.

2. Mabel Skirts.


My most-worn handmade items this year must be my Mabel skirts. The pencil versions in particular. I’m not wearing them as much now that it’s cold but all summer and fall I wore one almost every day. I hope to add a couple more solid ones to my wardrobe for the spring.

3. Linden Sweatshirts.


After my Mabel skirts, my Lindens undoubtedly get the most wear. I wear them for work and weekend and likely will all winter. For me, Linden is to winter what Mabel is to summer!

4. Nettie tops.


Like most women, I love a good t-shirt. My Nettie’s aren’t particularly exciting but they are good solid t-shirts that fit me well and have been in steady rotation since I made them.

5. Anna Dress.


This is a dress I’ve only worn once but it still has to be on my hits list. I made this for my brother’s wedding in Florida out of amazing silk crepe. It’s finished beautifully and performed perfectly on the wedding day. And it made me feel glamorous too.

Top 5 of 2014


6 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2014 — Top 5 hits

    1. Katie Post author

      Everyday garments are the best! I’ve realized that sewing all kinds of “icing” doesn’t make much sense for me — they never get worn and then I have nothing to wear! Much better to focus on cake.


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