Made: My Eucalypt Dress

This is a repeat of a pattern from one of my favorite indie designers, Megan Nielsen. As you can see, I decided to give the Eucalypt Dress from her Breakwater Collection another go. It was pretty successful, wouldn’t you say?

Comfy Eucalypt Dress in Liberty tana lawn sewn by Katie @

Eucalypt Dress

I made this dress last summer when I was pregnant with Baby J and added a front button placket, thinking that it would be a good nursing dress. Theoretically it would have been, but I never wore that dress much. As in, I wore it maybe 2 or 3 times before it was comically big.

But Eucalypt is a good, basic pattern, and I wanted to give it another go. The pattern is designed with a lot of ease and fits pretty loose through the bust and armscyce. With that in mind, I cut a size XS in the bust and graded to a S at the waist and hip.

Comfy Eucalypt Dress in Liberty tana lawn sewn by Katie @

XS at the bust; S at the waist and hips.

The fit is pretty good overall. I’m quite pleased with how it fits through the bust, though I probably could stand to deepen the armscyce a bit. I think the XS would probably have been fine throughout, but I do appreciate the extra ease in the waist and hips.

My only complaint is that the fabric pools just a bit in the small of my back. I’ve gathered from other sewists that this probably means I need a swayback adjustment. Or that my booty needs to get smaller 🙂

Comfy Eucalypt Dress in Liberty tana lawn sewn by Katie @

Some fabric pooling.

This fabric is actual, genuine Liberty tana lawn. I picked it up on Massdrop a few months ago. It was still pricey, but not nearly as bad as paying full retail price.

Liberty is definitely nice, I won’t deny that. But to be honest, I wouldn’t pay$36 a yard for it, or whatever crazy price is typically demands. I mean it’s nice, but it’s not THAT nice.

This dress was perfect for a hot, sticky summer day. And since our dog days of summer seem to have hit, I should still get plenty of use out of it this year!

Comfy Eucalypt Dress in Liberty tana lawn sewn by Katie @

Great for the dog days of summer.

Pattern: Eucalypt Dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Size: XS at the bust, graded to a S at the waist and hips.

Fabric: Liberty of London tana lawn.

Modifications: None, other than the grading between sizes. I finished the openings with bias tape, per the instructions.

Fit: Good. The fit is nice through the bust, though I could use some more room in the armscyce. The fabric pools a bit in my lower back. I think this means I need a swayback adjustment … or a smaller booty!

Pattern Format: I have this pattern in paper, but currently it is only available in PDF. Megan Nielsen’s paper patterns are some of my favorite — they’re so beautiful and well-done. It makes me sad that they’re not available in paper anymore.


  • Easy, straightforward construction. This would make a good beginning project that is still stylish.
  • Pretty straightforward to fit. I didn’t have nearly the fit issues with this tank dress as I did with the Wiksten tank.
  • Classic style. This will have lots of staying power.


  • As drafted, the fit is a little baggy for my taste. I just made a size smaller to address this.

Overall Grade: A. Simple, straightforward silhouettes like this are really in right now, and Eucalypt is a great option. The PDF version of the pattern is only $12 AUD, which IMO, makes it a pretty good deal.


9 thoughts on “Made: My Eucalypt Dress

  1. lisa g

    this is cute! i really like this pattern, i may have to pick it up sometime… i think the only way to reduce the back pooling is to add a CB seam or some darts. unless you have a flat backside there’s just no getting around it! i did buy some liberty this past spring (sale for $28/yd–still a splurge!) but it was more see through than i anticipated, so i’m not sure what to do with it… need to cut into it someday!

    1. Katie Post author

      It’s a nice little pattern — simple but well done. I have that same problem with lawn — it never seems to be ideal for the garments I want to make.

  2. niekemieke

    You do need a swayback adjustment, but it’s the easiest adjustment ever. No darts or CB seam required at all 🙂 I used this tutorial (ttp:// and it worked like a charm, I do it standard on most patterns even before I muslin it. I’d love to make something out of Liberty once, but right now it’s just more than I’m willing to spend. Dress looks great though. You can still buy Megan’s patterns in paper, just not through her site. She doesn’t handle shipping herself anymore (understandable with three kids). Just google it and you’ll find a store 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, I will definitely check this out! I actually own all of Megan’s patterns in print but at least everyone else who may want them in print isn’t SOL!

  3. Michelle Martini

    This is one of my favorite patterns! I’ve got three in the queue that I’m going to try making in a knit version. My Eucalypt tank and dress are two of my most-worn pieces. Agreed – Megan’s printed patterns are beautiful. Your Eucalypt is lovely!


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