I scream, you scream…

This is one of my favorite little girl patterns — the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver + S. I never blogged my earlier two Ice Cream Dresses, which I made for N for her first birthday and her one-year pictures. I finally had to retire those earlier this year (she wore them as dresses, then tunics, then tops), so I decided to make her another one.

Adorable Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress sewn by Katie @ Creative Counselor

Ice Cream Dress. Photo by Red Bicycle Photography

I love this style for her age. Even toddler clothes can be pretty mature-looking these days, and I love the girly innocence of this dress.

She loves it too — it’s comfortable and easy to move in. That’s a must when one has to keep up with a big brother!

Adorable Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress sewn by Katie @ Creative Counselor

With the aforementioned big brother. They’re best buds! Photo by Red Bicycle Photography

For the most part, I sewed the dress straight up. My main print is is pretty busy and I didn’t want to break up the princesses, so I omitted the pockets from the pattern. N never uses them anyway. I also didn’t feel like sewing the notch in the neckline, so I omitted it. I guess I was just lazy that night. Other than that, this is the straight size 3T.

I made this up in a quilting cotton, and it worked just fine for this style. As soon as I saw this line, I knew I had to get some for princess-loving N. The princess are beautiful and regal, and she was all over them!

Both fabrics are from the Bloom collection by Masha D yans for Clothworks.  The main fabric is Kingdom in off-white (blue colorway is available here), and the yoke and bottom band are Doodle Flower in blue.  Good quality, nice to work with, yada, yada, yada.  What you’d expect from designer quilting cotton.

I have some ballerina fabric cut for a second Ice Cream Dress for her — when I get around to it, that is. Mama needs some new clothes now!

Adorable Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress sewn by Katie @ Creative Counselor

My flower and princess-loving girl. Photo by Red Bicycle Photography.

Pattern:  Ice Cream Dress by Oliver + S

Size: 3T

Fabric: Bloom collection by Masha D yans for Clothworks.

Modifications: Omitted the pockets to avoid breaking up the print, and omitted the notch at the neckline just because.

Fit: Great. I love the way this dress fits on little girls. It’s girly and comfy but modest. There’s no reason my 3-year-old needs to look like she’s headed for a catwalk!

Pattern Format: This pattern is available in both PDF and paper. I have the paper pattern. Oliver + S paper patterns are nice. Not the nicest I’ve ever worked with, but nice enough. The pattern pieces themselves are printed on tissue, and I always trace so I can preserve the pattern for other sizes. The instructions are on a folded piece of paper rather than a booklet. I find this rather annoying, but I rarely use the instructions for this pattern anymore.


  • As always, Oliver + S patterns are well-drafted.  The finished result is very professional.
  • Perfect style for little girls. It’s very innocent and feminine.
  • Easy, loose fit for lots of movement.
  • The pattern is drafted with pockets, which are a must for many little ones.


  • Price. My constant beef with Oliver + S patterns — they are expensive. This pattern is $16 and only goes up to 4T. If you want sizes 5-12, you have to pay another $16. And the paper and PDF patterns are priced the same so you can’t even save that way.
  • Sizing, my other constant Oliver + S gripe. Oliver + S breaks up their pattern sizing so you have to choose either 6m-4T or 5-12. It wasn’t a big deal when I bought this pattern 2 years ago, but now that N wears size 3T, I no longer buy her the smaller size range. In fact, I rarely buy Oliver + S patterns for her at all because of this. I did pick up one on sale a couple of weeks ago and I bought the 5-12 size range and just won’t use it for a couple of years. It really annoys me that I have to make that choice with this pattern company.

Overall Grade: A-.  This gets marked down for the price and sizing issues I mention above.


4 thoughts on “I scream, you scream…

      1. Katie Post author

        Thank you 😊 I love professional photos too! I’m already plotting outfits for Baby J’s one year photos in September. It’s almost a game to see how many different patterns I can use!


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