My Back 2 Basics plans

I’ve spent the week talking about sewing basic items — how to jazz them up, great base patterns to use, and styling them to ground an outfit.

But the week is approaching and now it’s time to plan!

Me-Made May is a great yearly exercise to highlight the gaps in my handmade wardrobe.  After MMM 14, I realize that my major gaps are:

  • T-shirts and tanks.  I’ve made 2 Plantain tees, but they were both prints and both long-sleeved.  I won’t need anything long-sleeved until about November.
  • Hoodie.  I have a gray RTW hoodie that I have worn to death.  The only reason it doesn’t have more holes in it is because it’s made from a high-quality merino wool knit. My last gray hoodie I wore until it was literally falling apart.  Obviously, a highly-worn item in my wardrobe, but I’ve never made one. My sewing room is freezing in the summer so I wear this pretty much every day.
  • Cardigans.  I work in an office, so the temperature can be unpredictable.  I have no handmade cardigans, even though I at least grab one to have available almost every weekday.
  • Button-down top.  I have a RTW chambray button down that I really like, but it doesn’t fit all that well and I haven’t been able to wear it much this month because it’s not me-made.  But for most of the year here, and especially during summer, the most I would ever need in the evenings is a basic button-down shirt to throw over my tank top.
  • Neutral blouses for work.  I wear my two Day-to-Night Drape tops at least twice a week because they go with just about anything.  I need more tops like these.
  • Pants and shorts.  I have no handmade pants or shorts.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Solid-color skirts. Though I do have quite a few me-made skirts in neutral prints that I can pattern-match fairly easily.

And here’s how I plan to address some of those gaps:

  • Short-sleeved Nettie bodysuits and Just Tank Tops in black, white and taupe.  I’ve had lovely bamboo knit for these tops sitting in my stash for several months.  Time to use it.
  • Belcarra blouses in cream and tan.  I have some Radiance silk/cotton that I ordered several months ago for basic work tops.  They’ll be perfect for the Belcarra.
  • Sol Hoodie in gray.  I have a nice, heavier gray knit in my stash as well.  It would be a perfect wear-around-the-house gray hoodie.
  • Long-sleeved Julia cardigan in pink.  Pink is basically a neutral in my wardrobe — I wear it with everything. I have several yards of bright pink sweater knit that would make a great cardigan.
  • Cap-sleeved Julia cardigan in mint.  Another neutral that is far from boring.  I have a RTW short-sleeved mint cardigan in a flimsy synthetic jersey that I picked up last spring.  I wore it all the time last summer because it went with just about everything.  I’m excited to replace it with a higher-quality handmade garment!
  • Archer Shirt in chambray.  I originally purchased chambray for a shift dress, but I think it would make a lot more sense to make it into a button down.  I plan to jazz up the insides a bit too.

As you can see, I’m not tackling my pants, shorts or skirts needs next week.  I’d love to but fitting these garments takes a bit longer and doesn’t lend itself well to a spend-a-week-sewing-a-bunch-of-basics sew along.

But since Sew Busy Lizzy is apparently hosting Jeans in June, I think I will continue my basics sewing past next week and tackle jeans and/or jean shorts later in the month!

Grab a button! Hashtag #back2basics

Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics


3 thoughts on “My Back 2 Basics plans

  1. Chantal

    Wow, I don’t think I’ll be able to sew as much as you in a week (I’m really slow), but I’m hoping to get a couple of Belcarras and tank tops done. I desperately need a hoodie too, but I can’t find a pattern that will work with the non-stretch fleece I already have.

    1. Katie Post author

      It’s doubtful that I’ll accomplish all of that in one week (but I’ve already been working on the tees. yes, I’m cheating).

      If your fleece is non-stretch, I bet you could size up in something like the Sol Hoodie to account for that. Or maybe just use a jacket pattern intended for wovens. Those wouldn’t require any stretch.

      1. Chantal

        Ha! Well, maybe I can count the jersey maxi skirt I made this week then…
        I was thinking of just sizing up or using a jacket pattern. I don’t know what my mental block is – it’s just a hoodie!


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