Me-Made May Roundup #4

Me-Made May is winding down — only one week left!  I admit that I will be happy to be done with the daily selfies.  I feel like I’ve had a whole month of bad hair days 😦


May 17, 2014:  Hotel room living in my navy blue Renfrew top.


May 18, 2014:  Traveling home and comfy in my Plantain dress.


May 19, 2014:  Back in the office in my Wiksten Tank and RTW jersey pencil skirt.


May 20, 2014:  My last remaining RTW nursing top paired with a me-made jersey pencil skirt.


May 21, 2014:  Birthday party day!  This was party-prep time in one of my three Mabel miniskirts and a t-shirt from my favorite local wine shop.  I changed into my gray Mabel and a drapey RTW tank top later for the party.


May 22, 2014:  Back in the office in my very first Sorbetto tank (unblogged) and RTW pants.  I need to wear heels more.  They make me look taller.


May 23, 2014:  A bit overdressed on casual friday in my navy Renfrew once again, a me-made jersey infinity scarf and RTW jeans.

And if you’ve discovered this month, like I have, certain holes in your handmade wardrobe, feel free to join me in filling some of those holes during the first week of June.

Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics


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