Back to Basics — June 1- 8

With Me-Made May fully underway, we’re all acutely aware of the gaps in our handmade wardrobes. For me, the gaping hole in my me-made wardrobe was apparent almost from day 1 — basics.

I’m a big enough girl to admit that when it comes to sewing projects, I’m kind of like a dog or an infant. I’m walking along on my appointed path, but then I get distracted by the next shiny object that I see.  Or in my case, the next shiny new pattern or fun bold print that crosses my path.

But how many times have I opened my dresser drawer and thought, “Man, I really need a basic black [white, gray] t-shirt.  Must make that next.”  Or, “Gosh, what I’d love to throw over this [graphic print] tank top is a classic chambray button-down.”  But then, the next cute top pattern comes out and I never get around to making those basics that I reach for in vain nearly every day.

No more!

Sewing wardrobe basics at the Creative Counselor

I’ve decided to do a personal sew along, which I am calling Back to Basics (ala Kids Clothes Week or Self Sewing Week) during the first week of June — June 1 through 8, 2014.  During that week, I pledge to spend at least 1 hour per day working on building my “basics” — the neutral, versatile pieces that make a cohesive wardrobe.

Now I certainly recognize that a “Back to Basics” week isn’t very sexy, and I’m not one of the big boys who can declare it “Let’s Sew Basics!” week and have the whole world sew along.

BUT, if you’re like me and find that you have a closet full of pretty dresses and maxi skirts but no white t-shirt, I’d love some company!

Hastag Instagram and facebook photos with #back2basics. Grab a button and help spread the word!

Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics


22 thoughts on “Back to Basics — June 1- 8

  1. Chantal

    I just made a basic white blouse, but I need so many more, so you can count me in! You need to make a blog button so we can all spread the word 🙂

  2. Cynthia misch

    Wow! You hit the nail on the head. I really need basics in my wardrobe, lots of basics. I’m on board.

  3. Kelly

    Ooooo, I’m definitely in! You know I love basics 😉 Make a button and come up with a hashtag and I’ll help spread the word!

    1. Katie Post author

      Awesome! Done and done. Button and hashtag are now in the post (and I’ll post separately too). That wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected 🙂

      1. Kelly

        Hey Katie, I couldn’t get that button to work, but removed some of the text to make it look like another button I had and this works-

        Not sure if it was just a problem on my end? Anyway there’s a button on my blog now 🙂

        1. Kelly

          so I just noticed that the text for the button in your post is different than what’s in your sidebar- the one on your sidebar works fine 🙂

        2. Katie Post author

          Thanks. So they should all work now! This is my first time doing anything with HTML code, and it’s kind of a pain in the rear!

  4. Eileen

    Great idea! I didn’t have to get very far into MMM’14 to realize I don’t have ANY me-made bottoms! That’s a pretty basic basic 😉 I’ll grab a button and you can count me in!

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    1. Katie Post author

      Yay — the more the merrier! A white shirt would be incredibly useful! Hmm, must find a good pattern for a fitted white shirt …

  6. Shino

    Soooo true! I’ve noticed I really needed to make “basic” garments through my MMM14 challenge. Unfortunately I can’t sew-along this time cause I’m just in the middle of moving overseas and just packed my sewing machine last Friday! But will sure follow sew-along!

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