Weekend Wear: The Aspen Pants

**Note: I’ll apologize in advance for the somewhat random photos in this post.  J was my photographer, and he’s not quite as directable as Albert — though I did get him to turn off the flash!  But considering he’s not quite 5 yet, I thought he did a pretty bang-up job!

While I spend my weekdays in office wear, on the weekends I live in jeans and t-shirts. But in the summer, I always find myself wanting cooler options — well-fitting shorts and skirts, and comfy lightweight pants. Typically I just sweat in my jeans because I have a hard time finding shorts and lightweight pants that I like and that fit well. But this summer I’m determined to change that!

For the longest time I’ve had it in my head that the 1.75 yard piece of navy blue linen blend in my stash was meant to be a pair of loungy weekend pants. I pictured a pair of loose, flowy linen pants with a yoga-style waistband for comfort. You know, something that would feel like pajamas but still be put-together enough for running errands or going to the park, our typical weekend activities.

I was stumped on a pattern until I was perusing the designers in the upcoming Sew Fab pattern bundle and saw saw the Aspen Pants from Greenstyle Creations.

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

Aspen Pants

These pants were exactly what I was looking for! Loose shape, yoga-style waistband, little fitting required.

And they are SUPER comfy! I really feel like I’m wearing pajamas, and might make a pair or two out of some of the quilting cotton hanging out in my stash to actually wear as pajamas.

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

Loose linen pants.

My measurements put me just a bit smaller than the size 40, but because I was using a woven fabric I made size 42, per the pattern instructions. I kept the size 40 waistband though. The fit was perfect immediately after finishing them, but the linen stretched out quite a bit with wear, as linen is apt to do. If I make another pair in linen (which I might), I will consider sizing down to account for the stretching.

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

The linen stretched and they’re a little too loose now, but still super comfy.

The only modification I made was to narrow the leg, since I wasn’t loving the flare leg of the pattern. They still ended up plenty loose, and I easily took 6+ inches of width out of each leg!

For the waistband, I used a mint green cotton spandex blend from Girl Charlee. It was good for this use — it has plenty of stretch and nice recovery. As the pattern recommended, I added clear elastic to the top seam of the waistband for some added structure. I’m glad I decided to add this step to prevent the waistband from stretching out with wear. It has kept its shape nicely. (I’d show you waistband pictures, but my ego isn’t quite ready to post pictures of my stretched out, stretch-marked postpartum belly on the internet. I’m sure you can understand 🙂 ).

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

There really is a mint green yoga band waist under there. There’s also a stretched out postpartum belly under there, which is why I’m not showing it off!

Construction was very simple. After I cut my fabric (I had to work to eek all the pieces out of my linen), it probably took me about 45-60 minutes to sew these up!

These pants could easily be made in a knit for comfy yoga pants also. If I make a knit pair, I will probably size down at least 2 sizes. I definitely prefer negative ease in my yoga pants!

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

Back view.

Great review of Greenstyle Creation's Aspen Pants from the Creative Counselor

The Aspen Pants in action.

Pattern: Aspen Pants from Greenstyle Creations

Size: 42

Fabric: Navy blue linen blend from Joann’s. Mint green cotton/spandex jersey from Girl Charlee for the waistband.

Modifications: The pattern includes optional pockets.  I was going for time here (and I just barely eeked out these pieces with my fabric), so I omitted them.  Otherwise none.

Fit: Good. These fit like loose yoga or pajama pants. The linen stretched out with wear, so for a fabric like that, I might go down a size in the future. For something like a quilting cotton that won’t stretch as much, I’ll stick with this size.

Pattern Format: PDF pattern with photo tutorial. The pattern was pretty straightforward to piece together. There are only 4 pattern pieces, so it’s easy to trace or cut.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Straightforward construction.
  • Comfort of loungewear, but a little more put-together when you want to leave the house.
  • Good alternative for pajama pants at a good price.


  • Following the pattern sizing instructions left with pants that are just a little too loose for my particular taste.  Don’t be fooled though — I’ll still wear them.
  • Waist seam really does need to be reinforced with clear elastic to prevent stretching.
  • It’s really annoying not having pockets in my pants.  Next time I’ll add them.

Overall Grade: B+.  I think these pants are great loungewear basics, and there are tons of possible variations just by adjusting the leg width.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wear: The Aspen Pants

  1. lisa g

    these look super comfy! i’ve had “comfy but not sweatpants” pants ruminating in my head lately… somedays jeans are just too restricting!

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