$10 + 10 minutes = Summer Dress

Ever find yourself in that situation where you have a short amount of time and don’t want to spend much money, but still want or need to whip up a summer dress for the little one?

Well, a couple of weekends ago, I took J and N with me to the fabric store (yes, I take my kids to the fabric store — they love it!), and N asked me ever-so-sweetly for a new dress.

And the fabric she wanted for her dress?  The pre-shirred Disney princess and Tinkerbell** licensed fabric — of course.  As much as I dislike working with the Disney-licensed fabric (I’m a fabric snob, so sue me), I realized that the fact that it was pre-shirred meant that I could whip up a dress in nothing flat!

Creative Counselor: Have $10 and 10 minutes? You can make a dress!

$10 + 10 minutes = summer girl’s dress!

N is a small little thing, so I picked up 20 inches of each of the fabrics at $0.49 per inch (less than $10 for each fabric), dug some coordinating fold-over elastic out of my stash for straps, and whipped up a couple of summer dresses for her that evening.

Creative Counselor: Have $10 and 10 minutes? You can make a dress!


I am not kidding when I say that it took me 10 minutes (or less) to make each of these dresses!  Actually, it would have been much less than that if I hadn’t added the elastic straps.  Without those, it is seriously a single seam that I then serged to finish — it probably would have taken me 2 minutes to do that.  But including straps added some time, and they’re pretty much necessary for a kid N’s age.

Creative Counselor: Have $10 and 10 minutes? You can make a dress!

Princesses — must have princesses when you’re 3.

Yes, these are a total cheat project (the hardest part — shirring — is already done for you), with nothing interesting or challenging from a construction standpoint.  Still, N has worn these two dresses almost every day since I made them.  Not a bad use of $10 and 10 minutes!

**I don’t have photos of the TInkerbell dress because N was wearing the day I took project photos.  It is a hot pink pre-shirred fabric (her favorite color) with a Tinkerbell print along the bottom.  I had matching hot-pink FOE in my stash — perfect!


2 thoughts on “$10 + 10 minutes = Summer Dress

    1. Katie Post author

      Yes I’m trying to come around more to the licensed prints for the kids since they are easily the most worn handmade items in their wardrobe. But I did just order a couple of new fabric lines for N that I’m hoping can be a happy medium between her love for princess and ballerina fabric and my aversion to licensed Disney prints!


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