You’re not fully dressed without a bag

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and while I haven’t gotten my Liberty fabric (yet!) I certainly made out pretty well!

One benefit of having a husband who was an only child is that my mother-in-law (we call her Obaachan, which is Japanese for grandmother) never got to shop for a girl while the hubs was growing up. Now she satisfies that long-unmet desire by shopping for me and N!

All of my really nice bags have been birthday or Christmas presents from Obaachan and I adore every one of them. This birthday was no exception:


Isn’t it awesome? It’s big and roomy so I can fit all my stuff in it but it’s still super stylish.

I’m always pinning outfits and style idea to my style board on Pinterest, and as soon as I got this bag, I started imaging all the outfits that this bag would complete.

How about this one? My birthday bag is such a great match to this, just a few shades lighter:


Or this, it would complement the dusty pink in this outfit so well:


I’m slightly obsessed right now with navy fabric with small-scale prints like polka dots. I think a light beige structured bag would go just as well as the black, don’t you?


How about this for a put-together weekend look?


Or this for a day in court?


So many possibilities! Now I need to get sewing to get all the awesome clothes to go with my birthday bag!

Still, It’s amazing how even basic jeans and a t-shirt can look put together when paired with a nice bag. I guess it’s true — you’re not fully dressed without a bag!


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