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Finding Balance

aka: “How my wardrobe went from 90% handmade to 25% handmade in a month and why I don’t care.” aka: “How I’m trying to rein in my slightly obsessive tendencies and live a more balanced life.” aka: “Why you’re not likely to see lots of Facebook activity from me in the near future.” It’s been pretty… Read More Finding Balance

Ramblings, Randomness

On Sewing and Blogging

Last week the lovely Michelle of Handmade Martini invited me to participate in this blog hop that’s making the rounds of the sewing internets. To be honest, when I first saw the email hit my inbox with the sender listed only as “Michelle,” my first thought was , “Who the $&%# is this and what… Read More On Sewing and Blogging

Ramblings, Randomness

My thoughts on my Whole30 experience

Well, my Whole30 month is done.  We stuck with the program and ate super clean for the last 30 days.  We read every single label on every single thing that we put in our bodies.  We ate no (as in absolutely zero) added sugar.  We ate no grains, legumes, dairy, white potatoes or alcohol.  We ate… Read More My thoughts on my Whole30 experience


Just Sew

I’ve seen a lot of talk ’round the ol’ blogosphere lately about the much-used and maligned term “selfish sewing” to refer to a sewist sewing something for him/herself. A few weeks ago, Robin from Pattern Revolution wrote a post pointing out the negative emotions that term connotes, and proposing an alternative term, “self care sewing.” I… Read More Just Sew