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Made: Pierside Pencil Skirt

In my eternal quest for the perfect knit pencil skirt, I tried another one — the New Horizons Pierside Pencil Skirt (affiliate link).

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

This pencil skirt is distinctly looser than the others that I’ve tried previously and consequently more casual.  It also means that it is best suited to slightly lighter weight knits than the ponte I’ve used in the past.  This double-brushed poly from So Sew English was a perfect choice!

I made two versions of this pattern — this pink printed in the knee-length curved-hem view, as well as a black midi length with a standard hem:

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

I love that there are pockets on this pattern, but I have to admit that I don’t actually love the pockets.  They stick out kind of funny and are a little droopy.  They’re just kind of sad, to be honest.

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

I think that the pockets are the same basic shape as on the Portlander Pants (affiliate link).  I made a pair of (still unblogged) Portlanders, but I didn’t actually use the pockets because I didn’t like how they were constructed.  Instead, I swapped out the pockets with the pocket piece from the Sunshine dress (affiliate link).  After making these pockets, I’m glad I made that switch and I wish I had used a different pocket piece here.

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

Other than the pocket, I don’t have any real complaints about this skirt.  I like the hem options, even though a facing for the curved version would have been nice.  With multiple lengths and hem shapes, there are a lot of options included here.

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

I also really like the waistband.  It’s contoured, which makes for a very nice fit.  All in all, it’s a really nice alternative if you’re looking for a skirt that is slim but a little more casual.

Creative Counselor: Pierside Pencil Skirt

Pattern: Pierside Pencil Skirt (affiliate link) by New Horizons Patterns

Price: $9.95 USD

Size: S

Difficulty: Advanced beginner

Techniques Required: Sewing with knits, attaching a waistband band, knit fitting, sewing hip pockets (optional), sewing a buttonhole (optional).


  • 3 skirt lengths (knee, midi and maxi)
  • 3 hem options (standard, curved and split)
  • Optional hip pockets

Supplies Needed:

  • Midweight knit fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Drawstring (optional)

Similar Patterns:  Love Notions Sybil Skirt (affiliate link), Colette Mabel, Seamwork Margo, Patterns for Pirates Pirate Pencil Skirt (affiliate link), Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt.  I actually own all of these patterns and have made 3 of them — I think a head to head may be in order soon!

Fabric: Black double-brushed poly from So Sew English and pink scroll double-brushed poly, also from So Sew English.

Fit: Pretty good.  I’m getting funny wrinkling in the hips, but I don’t know if that’s due to the shape of the skirt or the pockets.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF.  There is a large format version of this pattern but I didn’t use it.  There weren’t many pages so taping was easy.


  • Lots of options.  This pattern has multiple lengths and multiple hem styles, which is nice.
  • Looser shape.  So often knit pencil skirt patterns are really form fitting.  It’s nice that this one is a little looser and therefore a little more casual.
  • Contoured waistband.  This pattern includes a contoured waistband, which gives it a nice fit.
  • Pocket option.  It’s nice to have pockets, though I did have some gripes with the pockets, which you’ll see below.


  • The pockets just sit funky.  When I made the Portlander pants (still unblogged), I swapped out the pocket pieces because I didn’t like how it was done.  I wish I’d made the same swap here because these pockets annoy me.
  • I have some funny wrinkles at the hip.  Those might be due to the pockets so I want to make a skirt without pockets and see how it looks.
  • Hemming that curved hem is kind of a PITA.  A hem facing would have been a nice addition.

Overall Grade: B.  This is an easy make and the overall fit is pretty good.  I wish the pockets sat better though.

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