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{Fall Capsule Planning} Part 3: Fill the holes

And I’m back with Part 3 of my fall capsule planning process:

Step 1: Identify Which Pieces to Purchase and Which to Make

NEWS FLASH! You don’t have to make every item in your capsule wardrobe!

Yes, even for sewists, it is okay to buy ready to wear garments.  If you sew for ethical reasons, there are ethical RTW options for you — they may cost more, but they are there.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it may make more sense to purchase an item than to make it.  Time, fabric availability, time, interest, and time, are all reasons that I may decide to buy something rather than make it.  For example, in my fall plan, I want to replace both my blue jeans and my white jeans.  I have discovered that Madewell jeans fit me well and I like the rise on them so I’ve been saving my pennies to purchase a couple more pairs and replace the ones I want to toss.

Some people would rather gouge their eyes out with a spoon than make a “boring” black or white t-shirt.  Sewing should not be torture, so for all means buy that sh&$!  But don’t go without the basics that make everything else wearable just because you don’t like to make them.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Sewing Needs

Now go through the items you want to make and prioritize.  Focus on basics and season-specific items first.  The basics are the glue that hold the rest of your wardrobe together so you want to get those squared away.  And it’s never fun to plan a project only to realize that it’s out of season by the time you get around to making it.

There aren’t a lot of items in my “basics” column that I need to make.  I worked hard to get those columns filled with items that I already had or things I could buy.  In my basics categories, there are 5 “need to make” items: (1) a solid woven tank, (2) a striped t-shirt, (3) a white button-up, (4) my khaki Jesse Kamm style pants, and (5) a shirtdress.

So those are the items I need to prioritize and make sure I tackle in the coming weeks.

Then I can turn to my fun stuff — my expanders and “just for fun” items.  I saw a lady wearing an awesome long button-up shirt at the park and I’ve been lusting after it ever since.  So that will be high up on my list.  Then I’ll just tick them off.

And of course I will need to make a couple of layers soon.  But here in Kansas, I won’t need to wear many layers for at least a couple of months, so they are further down my list.

Step 3: Get to Work!

This is pretty self-explanatory!  I just had to steal this image I saw on FB the other day to illustrate:

Get thee sewing! Where will you start?

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