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Just a few of my favorite things…

Welcome to my stop on the My Favorite Things tour with Sewing by Ti!  Ti left this tour fairly open-ended, with only the request that each blogger share his or her favorite sewing tool.  I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I thought I’d talk just a little bit about my top 5 favorite and/or most-worn handmade items.

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

Many of these items are not particularly recent makes, which means that they have stood the test of time!

1.  Navy Ginger Jeans

My all-time most worn items is one that didn’t even get its own blog post!  Almost two years ago, I made a pair of low-rise, skinny Ginger Jeans in a basic navy stretch twill.

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

I wear these pants all. the. time.  They go with everything.  I can wear them for work and weekends.  They’re comfortable and they fit well.  These pants were a great use of time and materials.

2.  Sleeveless Granville

My second most worn item has to be my sleeveless Granville shirt that I made more than two years ago now.  In fact, I wore this shirt so much that I finally had to retire it!

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

I love the idea of button up shirts, but I really don’t like sleeves.  I made this Granville without sleeves, altered it for my forward sloping shoulder and swayback and it was a perfect fit.  Comfortable, flattering, and perfect for layering under a cardigan or blazer. Another sleeveless Granville (or maybe even 2) are on my fall capsule sewing list.

3.  Gemma Tank

This is a make that even recent readers should recognize!  The Gemma Tank was the winner on Part 1 of my woven tank head-to-head comparison (Part 2 is currently in the works!).

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

I really like the fit on this tank and the chambray fabric makes it uber versatile. This gets a lot of wear for both work and weekends.  (And once again you can see my navy Gingers!)

4.  Sallie Jumpsuit

My Sallie Jumpsuit is my go-to date night outfit and has been ever since I made it.  It is the perfect combination of dramatic and comfy, and the navy color makes it classic.

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

I recently cut a few inches off the hem so that I can wear it with more than my 5-inch platform sandals, so it should get more workday wear in addition to date nights 🙂

5.  Ladies Harem Pants

And last but certainly not least is another pair of pants that have become a work staple — my gray Ladies Harem Pants.

Creative Counselor: Favorite Things

Harem pants may not seem like an obvious choice for the office, but the gray rayon crepe suiting I used makes them anything but casual.  They are comfortable to wear and go with most of my work attire, and consequently I wear them quite a bit.

With the exception of my Granville, which I had to retire because it was so worn out and had stains that I could no longer scrub out, each of these pieces is still in my closet!  I have done a lot of purging since I made some of these pieces, but they always survive.

And now for my favorite sewing tool:

I hemmed and hawed about this one for a while.  While I have a lot of sewing tools, I had a hard time identifying one that I just loved and couldn’t live without.  And then it suddenly came to me:

I adore my edgestitching foot.  My #10 Bernina foot was one of the best $50 I’ve ever spent on anything sewing related.  It makes edgestitching and stitching in the ditch a breeze.  It is also what helps me get beautiful, even topstitching on all my garments, even jeans with their highly-visible topstitching.  My #1 basic foot and my #10 edgestitching foot are out at pretty much all times when I’m sewing and I routinely switch back and forth between the two.

What are your favorite sewing things?

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    1. I think you’ll like them! I made a few modifications to mine, but I laid all that out in my post dedicated to these pants, which is linked 🙂

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