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Indigo Shibori Dye Week

So this post didn’t turn out exactly as I was hoping.

When Stephanie announced her Indigo Shibori Dye Week, I was really excited to finally have the motivation to try shibori dying.  I got a kit from Dharma Trading Company, acquired a pile of white natural-fiber fabric for dying, and raided my stash for even more.

I even did some of the dying.  The dye was mixed, I tied and squished my fabric, and spent a very warm evening dying the fabric in my garage after my kids went to bed (if you ever follow my IG stories, you may have seen some of that 🙂 ).

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye Week

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye Week

I had my project all picked out.  The pattern was traced and cut, and I even managed to get my fabric cut.

So what happened?  Well, Mother Nature happened, that’s what.  I admit that I procrastinated my sewing just a bit, but I was pretty sure that if I started sewing Saturday, I could easily finish to photograph my top yesterday.  BUT, We had a massive thunderstorm on Saturday evening, and just as I was about to sew my first stitch on my blouse — literally as I was about start sewing — our power went out.  And it stayed out until sometime yesterday afternoon.

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye wee

What with watching a gaggle of kids while everyone bailed water out of a neighbor’s basement, trying to save what I could from my thawing refrigerator, and crashing at our neighbors’ (who had power) house while they were on vacation, there has been no sewing happening in my corner of the world :/

But enough with my whining, let’s talk about fabric!  I officially love shibori dying.  For years I’ve been admiring all the beautiful shibori patterns I see on IG and around the blogosphere and now I finally know how to make that fabric for myself!

I dyed 3 pieces that first night.  This is the first, a RTW linen swim cover up.  I folded it accordion style lengthwise, then the other direction to make a nice square.  After it was folded, I placed pieces of wood on both sides and secured them with rubber bands.

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye Week

On to piece #2 — a lightweight cotton voile from

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye wee

For this piece, I started by folding the fabric accordion style, but then folded it accordion-style into a triangle.  I saw this type of pattern once or twice on other blogs and knew I wanted to recreate it.

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye Week

This piece is destined to be a True Bias Roscoe blouse.  It has a lovely boho vibe to it, which should pair nicely with my boho tie-died fabric 🙂

And my last piece — a soft double gauze from Cali Fabrics.  This may be my favorite of the three.

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye week

I folded it accordion style, then tied rubber bands at even intervals on both sides.  Then I kept binding further down until I couldn’t bind anymore.  Ultimately, it looked like this:

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye Week

I bought this fabric with a shibori-dyed Aomari Twist Top in mind.  But on further deliberation, I’m wondering if this should be a Megan Nielsen Dove top.  I think those bell sleeves would be beautiful in shibori and would match the style of the fabric.

Creative Counselor: Indigo Shibori Dye wee

What do you think? Aomari or Dove?  

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4 thoughts on “Indigo Shibori Dye Week

  1. I vote for the Dove. Splendid sleeves, and you look fabulous in a V-neck! Can’t wait to see your make, whatever you choose.

  2. The colours look gorgeous and I love the patterns that turned out with the shibori techniques. I think the Amori is the unconventional look so I will pick that one!

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