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Sew the Show

It’s another edition of Sew the Show!  I must admit, I enjoy doing these posts again, and I also enjoy that they’re more relaxed these days than when we first started the series.

So without further ado, any guesses which show/movie inspired this outfit?

Creative Counselor: Sew the Show

If you guessed Mama Mia, you would be right!  Specifically the character Donna, the hippie, former front girl for the (imaginary) 1970s disco girl group Donna and the Dynamos!

My original inspiration was the blue caftan-type sundress that Donna wears early in the day on Sophie’s wedding day.  The one that she’s wearing when Sam sings his big song, and while she helps Sophie get ready.  But I had a devil of a time finding good royal blue lawn, and then I was a little pressed on time to finish.

But I’d had this jumpsuit in my head for a while, and then I realized that Donna TOTALLY would have been on the jumpsuit trend.  In fact, the movie prominently features her in full-on disco jumpsuits at several points!  I already had the royal blue rayon spandex in my stash, so my royal blue caftan became this royal blue one-shoulder jumpsuit 🙂

Creative Counselor: Sew the Show

For this particular jumpsuit, I mashed together two patterns.  The bottoms are the Closet Case Sallie Jumpsuit, and the top is the George & Ginger Edgy top with some width added below the bust.

This is was super quick, super comfy make.  On this jumpsuit, I decided to eliminate the pockets . I rarely use pockets on knit garments and I just didn’t feel like messing with them.  And I realized that eliminating pockets and using a top that doesn’t need to be lined makes a jumpsuit like this go together really fast!  As in, I probably made this jumpsuit in less than 2 hours, including the hemming!

Creative Counselor: Sew the Show

Not only was this fun to make, but it will be great for a summer or early fall night out.  It’s comfortable to wear, but looks dressy enough for a date night .  And now that I know how easy it can be to make a jumpsuit, I may just go ahead and mash the Sallie bottoms with some other basic tops for more casual wear.

Creative Counselor: Sew the Show

I’ve always loved the fit on the Sallie bottoms. They’re comfortable and have plenty of room without any funny bunching at the waist and crotch.  I like that they look slim and straight rather than baggy.  Basically, they are a great modern take on the classic ’70s jumpsuit.

What have you been watching lately?

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