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Dressing up the town with the Rose City Halter

As I sat down to write this post, I realized that I’ve been making an unusual number of dresses lately.  But when it’s for a blog tour themed “Dress up this town,” what else is a girl to do? (Be sure to read all the way to the end for giveaway info!!)

Creative Counselor: Rose City Halter

This dress is the Rose City Halter by Sew House Seven.  I have several patterns from this designer in my stash, but this is the first one I’ve actually gotten around to making.

Creative Counselor: Rose City Halter

I must admit, I am impressed!  This pattern goes together really nicely and is beautifully finished.  The bodice is fully lined with under stitching to make sure that the lining doesn’t turn to the outside.  One thing I noticed as soon as I put this dress on is that the halter neckline is more modest than your typical halter.  The straps are drafted with a long pleat that releases above the bust.  This combined with the bust dart gives a nice amount of room in the bust of this pattern.

Creative Counselor: Rose City Halter

I also like how the inseam pockets are drafted on this pattern.  The front skirt is actually drafted in 3 pieces.  There is a large center front piece, but then two thin side front pieces.  The pockets are inserted in the seams between the front and side front pieces.  This moves them towards the center just enough that it’s comfortable to put my hands in them rather than having to reach too far back to access them.

Creative Counselor: Rose City Halter

I ended up making View A with the gathered skirt and inseam pockets.  I actually wanted to make the A-line skirt, but I didn’t have enough fabric.  I used a silk upholstery fabric that I picked up from Michael Levine when I was LA a few years ago, and I only had 2 yards to start with.  The pattern called for 2 3/8 yards for View A and 2 3/4 yards for View B.  I was pretty sure I could MacGyver my pattern pieces if I was 3/8 yards short, but 3/4 is a stretch, even for me.

Creative Counselor: Rose City Halter

Overall, I’m really happy with my dress!  It’s always nice to add a dressier piece to my closet every now and then.  This is something that I would be most inclined to wear to a wedding, but I can also see wearing it to work or church under a cardigan.  And it’s always nice to get a pattern out of the stash and into the closet!

* On a side note, I have discovered that finding a really good strapless bra opens up all kinds of styles that I previously avoided.  I’m past the age where I can go braless, but now that I have a good strapless, halters and strapless tops are back on the table! *

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And there’s a giveaway!  One person will win a $20 shop credit to Made for Mermaids.  Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter here.

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  1. I love how smooth the back looks on this pattern. And your fabric is gorgeous. I’m so glad my summer capsule is done, so I don’t have to think about whether I need this pattern right now!

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