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It’s Getting Hot in Here! — the Penny Dress

Longtime readers of this blog should know that when Mother Nature turns up the thermostat, I tend to reach for my loose, breezy patterns.  The Grainline Penny Raglan was a favorite of mine last summer and once again I find myself turning to it for my ultimate summer dress:

Creative-Counselor: Penny Dress

I will be the first to admit that this dress isn’t for everyone.  After all, it’s essentially a big sack with sleeves.  But I love it!

Creative-Counselor: Penny Dress

I particularly love it in this double-brushed poly that I picked up from LA Finch Fabrics back in the spring. This fabric is incredibly soft and has a wonderful drape.  Drape is really important for a pattern like the Penny because it has so much  ease that fabric with too much structure will probably end up looking like a potato sack.  DBP is the stability and stretch of cotton lycra blends with the drape of a rayon knit.

Creative-Counselor: Penny Dress

Turning the Penny Raglan into a dress is an incredibly easy hack.  The Penny is already drafted with crazy amounts of ease (18″ of ease at the bust for my size 4), so there’s generally no need to add any width to the pattern.  For this dress, I simply extended the hem and added an additional 16″ of length.  End of tutorial!  For my next one, I will probably shorten it and only add an extra 13″ of length.  This may be the comfiest item in my wardrobe right now but given the volume of the dress, I would prefer it to be closer to mini length rather than knee length.

Creative-Counselor: Penny Dress

A dress like this not only gives lots of room for air circulation on a hot day, but it also makes a great canvas for a large scale print.  This mosaic print is a great example.  The design would have been lost in a pattern with lots of seamlines, but on a simple design like the Penny, it really stands out and keeps this dress from being a total yawn.

Creative-Counselor: Penny Dress

I imagine a lot of you would be asking, “Katie, how many sacklike dresses do you need in your wardrobe?”  And my answer would be, I don’t know but I know it’s more than what I have!  I recently acquired a few large scale floral print fabrics that are destined to become similarly loose sacklike dresses 🙂

But tell me, where do you stand on the oversized trend?

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5 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot in Here! — the Penny Dress

  1. Your “big sack with sleeves” looks good on you! I’ve never worn DBP above my waist because others have said it is warm and doesn’t breathe. Do you think that because the dress is loose this isn’t a problem for you? I have unpredictable internal thermostat changes and hadn’t considered DBP. Do you have thoughts on this? Thanks. (BTW, I love your blog.)

    1. Thank you! I don’t mind dbp, even in summer. I also tend to avoid polyester in most circumstances, but this fabric doesn’t bother me. I’m sure the looseness of the dress helps.

  2. Oh I love this so much! The Penny Raglan is one of my absolute favorites (I think I have 5 regular shirts already) but never thought to make it a dress. This is on my must-do list now!

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