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Sew the Show Returns!

We interrupt this year’s Back to Basics series to bring you … Sew the Show!!

That’s right, Becca and I decided to revive this fun series.  If you’re a Sew the Show newbie, the rules are simple.  Just pick your favorite show, sew an outfit inspired by that show, and share it with all of us!  Link up to the quarterly link up so that others can give you some love too 🙂

I admit that I started working on this month’s Sew the Show outfit on Sunday, which left me very little time to put my outfit together.  But luckily the most iconic outfits from one of my absolute favorite shows for fashion inspiration are incredibly simple:

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

Now I have a confession to make here.  My first Carrie Bradshaw outfit bombed.  Like big-time, I’ll never wear it out of the house, kind of bomb.  I was ambitious with very little time, and went for the absolute iconic Sex and the City outfit — the tutu:

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

Yeah, can we say cupcake?  Believe it or not, this is much improved from when I first made it.  Initially, the tulle was all the same length and hit a couple of inches below my knee.  It really wasn’t good.

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with this.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I do have a couple of ideas.  First, I went against my gut.  I knew that I would get way more use out of a simple minidress than something flashy like a tutu, but I went for it anyway.  Second, I got the wrong tulle.  I knew I wouldn’t wear a tutu much so I got the cheap tulle, which is great for a little girl’s big poofy tutu but not so great for an adult woman.  And third, I went against my main Sew the Show rule: don’t sew a costume.  I like to make TV inspired outfits, but I always try to make sure they’re something that I can incorporate into my wardrobe.

So after I picked my ego up off the floor (at 10pm the night before I needed to take photos, I might add), I went back to Plan A — the pink minidress from Carrie’ bus ad in the pilot episode:

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

And it turns out that I had a perfectly heavenly dusty rose rayon jersey (that a dear friend gifted me after she bought it in Paris), and the Love Notions La Bella Donna (affiliate link), which I can put together in about an hour by now.

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

A little less New York socialite, and a little more Midwest lawyer mom, but something comfy that I can wear.

Similar nudey-pink color and simple shape, just like Carrie’s iconic pink minidress, but with a few extra inches and a little less fitted so I don’t flash anyone.

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

And in the end, I’m really happy with my dress.  I feel like it’s a nice nod to one of my all-time favorite characters and shows, but it’s still something that will get a lot of use in my wardrobe.  And it’s nice to have a special fabric out of my stash and in my closet!

Creative Counselor: Sex and the City

What was your last spectacular fail?  And don’t forget to check out Becca’s Sew the Show revival post!

2 thoughts on “Sew the Show Returns!

  1. Love me an LBD! Great color for you too 🙂 Still think “midwest lawyer mom” can pull off the Seamwork Ariane slip dress though 😉 Can’t wait to see what you come up with next month!

    1. That would have been a good choice! I also seriously considered just lengthening the Ogden Cami into a dress. Pretty sure I could pull that one off too. I would have done it if I had more than an hour!

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