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Ch-Ch-Changes: Taking shorts from day to night!

Mother Nature has been a little schizophrenic around here, but it is definitely starting to feel like summer!

I wait all winter for summer to come again, so as soon as the warm weather hits, my winter clothes are packed up and I pull out my summer wardrobe!  Yes, I am that crazy mom you will see in shorts and a tank top at soccer games when it’s 70 degrees in April 🙂

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

One thing that I love about a nice pair of shorts is how easily they can transition from day to night.  I recently finished this pair of Megan Nielsen Flint shorts, and almost immediately I knew they would be a really versatile addition to my wardrobe.  While I’m most likely to wear them with a tank top and colorful flats like this:

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

I can just as easily pair them with a blouse, statement necklace and some great heels for a night out:

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

Creative Counselor: Shorts day to night

Pieces like this get a lot of use in my wardrobe.  We have nice, warm summers, and Kansas City is a fairly casual place.  Even if I loved getting gussied up in a fancy dress to go out, this casual-chic style is much more in line with our city.

What’s your favorite piece to take from day to night?

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8 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes: Taking shorts from day to night!

  1. I love the Flint shorts. Do tell more! I’ve actually been looking at ikat fabric for shorts, but haven’t been able to figure out which ones might be “bottom” weight. And you’ve done the button version? They look lovely, how do you like them? I’m also thinking of a palazzo length Flint, but I don’t know if I just lengthen them at the bottom (following the pant leg line)? (Have you seen this?)

    1. This particular fabric is a printed denim. If you look for twill or denim or something along those lines, you should be pretty confident that they are bottom weight.

      These actually are the button version of the shorts. I put the buttons on the inside because I didn’t want them breaking up the print 🙂 I have a crop version of these done and will hopefully get them photographed this week. A palazzo version sounds great! I would probably add the length at the lengthen/shorten line so that the bottom hem doesn’t get significantly wider than it already is 🙂

  2. Yesssss! I don’t know why I would have never thought of doing something like this (probably because I currently shy away from shorts). I love both stylings–the night outfit is my fave!

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