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Made: Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress

I’m talking Ponte over on the Cali & Co. blog today, so I wanted to talk about the Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress here!

Creative Counselor: Aldaia Dress

I bought this pattern very shortly after it was released because I loved the seamlines on the bodice and I loved the shape of the straight skirt.  As usual, it took me too long to get around to making it but I am so glad I finally did!  Now I need to find time to make a few more 🙂

Creative Counselor: Aldaia Dress

This dress was surprisingly easy to put together.  For some reason, I had it in my head that it would be complicated, but it isn’t at all.  Yes, there are princess seams and darts and the faux wrap, but there is no closure and the whole thing went together really smoothly.

Creative Counselor: Aldaia Dress

One of my favorite parts of this dress is the faux wrap.  I love a good wrap bodice — I think it’s a really flattering look — but I hate when I’m constantly fiddling with the neckline because I’m afraid its going to gape and flash some bra.  This faux wrap connects at the princess seam, and the result is a really stable neckline that is never in any danger of falling open.

I think it would be particularly good for working, nursing moms because it looks professional but still gives boob access.

Creative Counselor: Aldaia Dress

I could probably stand to do a slight swayback adjustment on this dress given the slight pooling at my center back.  But honestly, I’m not sure if that’s from excess fabric or the way I’m standing.  Either way, it really doesn’t bother me!

Creative Counselor: Aldaia Dress

The armscye is also a tad loose.  But again, it doesn’t really bother me much, though I may try to fiddle with the shape a bit on my next dress.  I think I’ll try the V-neck bodice without the sleeves next 🙂

Pattern: Aldaia Dress from Pauline Alice

Price: 14.00 € (printed pattern) or 8.00 € (PDF pattern)

Size: 40

Difficulty: Advanced beginner

Techniques Required: Sewing with knits, attaching a neckband, sewing pleats, sewing princess seams, mitred corner hem, knit fitting.


  • 3 skirt options (swing, princess seamed pencil, straight)
  • 2 bodice options (faux wrap, princess seamed)
  • 3 neckline options (scoop neck, V-neck, and faux wrap)
  • 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, short and 3/4 length)

Supplies Needed:

  • Sturdy knit fabric
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns:  There are several knit sheath patterns available now.  I did a list of them on the Cali & Co. blog here.

Fabric: Ponte de Roma from Cali Fabrics

Fit: Great.  I love how this dress fits!  It just makes me feel good and really confident when I wear it.  I could probably stand to pinch out some length at the back waist seam (for a slight swayback adjustment), but it could also be the way I’m standing.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: This is available in print and PDF.  I have the PDF.  I have recently discovered the wonders of large-scale prints and I had this one printed at PDF Plotting.


  • Really attractive fit.  It hugs in all the right places and skims in the right places.
  • Tons of options.  This really is about the only knit dress you would need.
  • The faux wrap is brilliantly done. Because the wrap inserts at the princess seams, there’s no risk of it falling open.
  • Construction is deceptively simple.  I feel like this dress looks like it should be complicated but it really isn’t.


  • No pockets.  I think pockets on knit dresses are hard to wear, but at work I’m constantly reaching for a pocket.
  • I have a little extra fabric around the armscye.  I may try to pinch some of that out for my next one.

Overall Grade: A.  I love all the options with this dress and I love the finished product.  I know I’ve found a good pattern when I can put on my dress and feel like a million bucks.

5 thoughts on “Made: Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress

  1. Three Things:
    1). WOW! This dress is made for you-in more ways than one! It looks fabulous. If I were you, after I never took it off, I’d start an assembly line and possibly never stop.
    2). I never looked at this pattern line before, and several of the designs caught my eye. The faux wrapped skirt and Botanic trousers. Have you made any of the other patterns?
    3). Copy shop prints. Do tell. I will bore you to tears with my “I hate PDFs” rant, but the copy shop deal? I’m very interested. One sheet? Online? Cost? (But damn, I do love the pattern envelope, and I actually enjoy folding the pattern pieces up into their original fold. I am nothing, if not archaic!)
    Do tell…

    1. Thank you! I have several of her patterns but this is the first one I’ve gotten around to making. Definitely going to break into some of the others though 🙂

      And the copy shop prints. I have only recently started taking advantage of the A0 versions that are included in so many of my pdf patterns because I could never find someplace to print them at a reasonable price. But I started using They charge about $1.29 per page for a 36×48″ sheet. A0 is roughly 33″x46″ so I just have them print to scale and center the page. I usually save up and have a bunch of A0 patterns printed at one time because charges a flat $4.99 for shipping in the US. It add a few extra dollars to my pattern cost, but for me it’s sooo worth it to save all that printing time!

      1. Katie, Thanks so much for the copy shop info. That really sounds doable, especially for several patterns at a time. I may yet embrace the 21st century!

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