Head to Head Comparison, Pattern Review

Made: Greenstyle Scarlet Swing Dress

I finally managed to photograph and write about the first pattern in my swing dress head to head!

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

Wait, you say, what’s a head to head?  Well, over in the Capsule Wardrobe Sewalong Group, someone came up with the brilliant idea of sewing various patterns of the same type of garment and doing a head to head comparison.  I have LOVED my Old Navy swing dresses that I bought on uber sale for Black Friday, so when the indie designers started releasing swing dress after swing dress this winter, I picked up a few for a head to head comparison.  First up, the Greenstyle Scarlet Swing Dress:

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

Creative Counselor: Scarlet Swing Dress

I will do the side-by-side comparison post when all the individual ones are done, photographed and reviewed 🙂

Pattern: Scarlet Swing Dress by Greenstyle Creations.

Price: $10.00 USD

Size: XS

Difficulty: Beginner

Techniques Required: Sewing with knits, attaching a neckband, sewing a curved hem.


  • 3 length options (tunic, short dress and long dress)
  • 2 hem options (straight and high-low)
  • 3 sleeve lengths (short, elbow and long)
  • 3 sleeve types (cold shoulder, straight, and bell)

Supplies Needed:

  • Lightweight knit fabric
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns: Within about 2 months the indie market suddenly became awash in swing dresses.  I will detail options in my comparison post.

Fabric: Double-brushed poly from LA Finch Fabrics

Fit: Really good.  I mean, it’s a loose swing dress, so fit isn’t really a huge issue.  But the fit on this is good.

Modifications: Length adjustments only.  The dress as drafted was REALLY long, so I ended up taking off about 4″ from the short dress version.

Pattern format: PDF.  Not a terrible one to put together.  I don’t remember any real details about it, which I generally count as a good sign.


  • Ease construction.
  • Shape is almost universally flattering and easy to wear.
  • Tons of options as far as sleeve style and length.
  • Good fit and just the right amount of ease in the bust.


  • The pattern as drafted is longer than I expected.  Granted, I am shorter than what Greenstyle drafts for, but even taking that into account, the short dress is hardly short.
  • The hem on this dress isn’t drafted exactly right for it to hang straight.  If you look closely, you can see that the hem has a slight handkerchief effect.  That’s because the hem is too straight across for it to be visually straight.  I mention this because I didn’t want a handkerchief hem and one of the other swing dresses I made didn’t have this issue.

Overall Grade: B.  Nice fit and great shape.  But I wish the hem was shaped better.


4 thoughts on “Made: Greenstyle Scarlet Swing Dress

  1. I LOVVVEEE this make – I have a dress that is so close to this that it’s out of control! One thing I will say is that Greenstyle drafts for like someone 5’7″ – so that doesn’t surprise me that you had to chop off a bunch!

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t surprised that I had to take off length — I am shorter than the height drafted for. But I was surprised at just how long the “short” dress was. And the measurements are in the pattern, so the information is definitely there, it’s just hard to know how a particular length will look until it’s done and on.

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