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Dublin Dolman for Date Night

I’m taking a quick break from depositions and discovery today to take part in the Date Night February tour, sponsored by Sewing by Ti.

Creative Counselor: Date Night February



So this is something that I might wear if I were able to find a babysitter for a Valentine’s Day date night.  If Valentine’s Day wasn’t on a Tuesday in the middle of a busy week, that is 🙂

I actually made this dress a few months ago but am just now getting around to blogging it!  It’s a mash up of the Dublin Dolman (affiliate link) by New Horizons and the Pirate Pencil Skirt (affiliate link) by Patterns for Pirates.

Creative Counselor: Date Night February


As soon as I saw the options on the Dublin Dolman (affiliate link), this dress immediately popped into my head.  I knew that the gathered V-neck with the ruched band option was just begging for a dress hack.

And it was really easy!  For this hack, I knew I needed a pretty tight pencil skirt to get the look I wanted.  There are several great pencil skirt options out there, but the Pirate Pencil Skirt is one of the most form-fitting out there, which was exactly what I needed.

Creative Counselor: Date Night February

The hardest part of this hack was getting the proportions right on the skirt.  To figure out how much to lengthen it, I measured the ruched band piece for the Dublin Dolman and compared it to the length of elastic that gets sewn into the side.  One I had that ratio, it was a fairly simply matter of applying that ratio to the pencil skirt to know how much I needed to add.  Ultimately, I ended up adding 8″ to the skirt evenly distributed in 8 different places throughout the skirt.

Creative Counselor: Date Night February

Then I attached the skirt to the top like a band and sewed 1/4″ elastic into the side seam for the ruching.

Sadly, I can’t actually wear this dress anymore :/. I’ve lost enough inches off my hip measurement that the skirt isn’t tight enough anymore and it doesn’t stay in place.  Still, it was a fun dress to make and it served its purpose when I wore it to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding this fall.

Creative Counselor: Date Night February

And I really liked both of these patterns.  The v-neck on the Dublin Dolman is one of the most flattering I’ve seen on an indie pattern.  I love a wide, deep V-neck like this one.  My only wish is that there was an option for this neckline without the gathered front piece.

And the Pirate Pencil Skirt has undoubtedly become my favorite knit pencil skirt pattern.  It’s really fast and I love the shape on it.  It’s a little more form fitting than some of the others, and really hugs my curves nicely.  I need to size down 1-2 sizes, though, so a few more pencil skirts need to be on my list for spring!

Creative Counselor: Date Night February

So are you doing date night tonight?  Or maybe date night in?

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