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Doing a Lil’ Laundry

It’s all about the kiddos this week!

It’s the Daddy-Daughter dance at school tonight, and the girl requested a new dress for the occasion.  She was in my fabric room last week and pulled out a galaxy print jersey (that I got aaaages ago from Girl Charlee) as the perfect fabric for her dress.  And lo and behold, I had cut a dress for her out of that exact fabric about a year ago!

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

It was fate.

I sewed it up last weekend and voila, a new dress for her first school dance with her daddy!

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

This is the Li’l LDT affiliate link) from Love Notions.  It’s the girls version of the popular Laundry Day Tee (affiliate link), with greatly expanded options compared to the free LDT.

When it comes down to it, my daughter likes fairly simple styling, so I went with a basic short sleeved swing dress for her.  The pattern has options for a cowl, a hood, and an asymmetrical collar, but I knew that ultimately she would prefer a basic banded neckline.

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

I put inseam pockets in this dress but I really don’t like them.  Not because I don’t like pockets but because they are constantly turning out, as you can see in most of these photos.  The next time I make this dress, I will skip the inseam pockets and use a patch pocket if she insists on pockets.

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

This is size 4T with a little added length.  It’s pretty loose on her, which I expected since she is a very slender child.  But it’s lucky that I cut it big since I waited a year to sew it up — this way she can still get a decent amount of wear out of it.

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee

Not much else to say, really.  This is a nice, simple little swing dress.  It sews up fast, fits well and has lots of options.  I will definitely break it out again for summer!

Creative Counselor: Lil Laundry Day Tee
With her big brother because I just couldn’t resist 🙂


Pattern: Li’l LDT affiliate link) from Love Notions.

Price: $9.00.

Size: 4T

Difficulty: Beginner

Techniques Required: Working with knits, attaching a waistband, hemming a curved hem.


  • Multiple lengths.
  • High-low hem option.
  • Multiple sleeve lengths.
  • Several neckline options

Supplies Needed:

  • Lightweight knit fabric
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns:

Fabric: This is a simple cotton jersey that I picked up ages ago from Girl Charlee.  They are sold out :/

Fit: Really good.  I have a slender kid, but the fit is great on her.  She loves loose, flowy dresses like this.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF only.  Tami does a great job giving you print charts to reduce the number of pages to print and the PDF is layered.


  • Lots of options and variations available.
  • Good basic pattern for a tee dress.
  • Easy construction — this is a tee dress, nothing fancy.
  • Great swish factor.


  • The inseam pockets are constantly flipping out.  It annoys me more than her, but it really annoys me.
  • Curved hems on a swing dresses like this are a PITA to hem.

Overall Grade: B+.  Love Notions does a great job with basics, and this is no exception.  Solid drafting and construction and lots of options.

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  1. Want to see a couple of pics of Daddy/daughter dance. I think the dress looks wonderful, pockets or no pockets. She looks really cute in her new dress.

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