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D&D Arum — my “Day” dress

Before the ice-storm-that-wasn’t, I managed to get some photos of this dress last week when our temps hit the 60s for a few random days.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

This is my “day” dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge on Elizabeth Made This.  It’s also a Pinterest-inspired make.  I saw this dress on Pinterest and knew I wanted it, but I didn’t want to buy it since I had never heard of the seller before and I get a little skeptical of clothes from unknown makers that randomly pop up all over social media feeds.

Luckily, I had the Deer & Doe Arum dress pattern sitting in my stash foreeeever, and I’ve been wanting to sew it foreeeever!  It was a match made in heaven!

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

And now that I have made it, my only question is … why the F did I wait so long???

Every time I make a D&D pattern, I’m reminded of why I love them so much.  The fit is just spot-on for my body.  I rarely have to make any adjustments for D&D, they fit me like a glove, and I love the styling.  Arum was no exception.  I made zero modifications to this pattern.  Zero!

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress


This dress is also an immediate-gratification make, which sometimes you just need.  It’s a dolman sleeve dress with back princess seams and a facing at the neckline.  There are no sleeves to set in, and the facing is way less fiddly than a bias tape finish.  All in all, this is one of the fastest woven dress patterns I’ve encountered.

And I love that the princess seams give the dress a really nice shape.  Even without darts, the front has nice shaping, and the princess seams are great for addressing any kind of back shaping or swayback adjustment you may need.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

I’d love to sew up another one or two in lighter fabric for spring and summer.  My only adjustment will be to add an inch or two of length.  I actually love the length of this dress — I find it really flattering — but a little more length would make it more office appropriate for the summer when I won’t be wearing tights.

Creative Counselor: Arum Dress

One of my goals for this year is to sew mainly from my prodigious pattern stash, including all the lovely D&D patterns that I’ve collected and haven’t made yet.  Given how well they always fit, I’d say that is a solid plan!


Pattern: Arum Dress by Deer & Doe Patterns.

Price: €14.00

Size: 38

Difficulty: Adventurous Beginner

Techniques Required: Sewing a straight line; fitting adjustments (if necessary), installing a facing.


  • Princess seamed back
  • Front pocket
  • Dolman sleeves
  • Dress and top options

Supplies Needed:

  • Lightweight woven fabric
  • Woven interfacing
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns:

Fabric: This is a cotton flannel, and please don’t ask me where I got it because I can’t remember!

Fit: Great.  I always love the way D&D patterns fit my body and this one is no exception.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: Paper.  Yes, D&D is one of the only remaining indie pattern companies that does paper patterns only.  No instant gratification here!  But I love that they are still paper only.  Their patterns are beautiful and well-done on nice heavy paper, and it’s fun to wait and anticipate and plan in the week or so it takes my pattern to arrive from France.


  • Back seaming makes fitting easy.
  • Some of the easiest construction you’ll find on a woven dress.
  • Neck facing gives a nice clean finish.
  • Great shape even without front darts.
  • Top option is bound to be a wardrobe staple.


  • The dress is a little short to wear without tights.
  • Dolmans and dartless always makes an FBA more challenging.  So big-busted ladies be warned.

Overall Grade: A.  I love finding a pattern that is simple but looks stellar and fits well straight out of the envelope.  And I also love having another staple pattern to add more wovens to my closet.

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