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Wrapping myself in warmth, aka the Named Talvikki Sweater

I spent a few lovely days in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin over New Year’s this year — I say lovely because even though it was flipping cold and snowy outside, we were cozy and warm inside with wonderful friends and a brand new baby to help snuggle.

And while I was there, hunkering down from the cold, I managed to crank out this Named Talvikki sweater!

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

**All photos in this post are courtesy of Crystal Liepa Photography

I’ve had my eye on the Talvikki ever since its release earlier this fall, and it is just as warm and snuggly as it looks in the listing photos.

This is an oversized sweater with some really nice details.  The neck shaping is accomplished through a series of angled darts on both the front and back of the pattern.  The raw edges are finished with a facing for a nice, clean finish.

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

The sweater also features a split hem, which makes it a little more fiddly to sew, but actually gives a really nice look on the finished garment.


I made a size 36/38 in this pattern.  My measurements typically would put me in a size 38 in Named patterns, and with the generous ease in the pattern, the 36/38 is a good fit.

My fabric is a fleece-backed sweater knit that I got from a Facebook fabric group last year (I honestly can’t remember which one — it’s run by a couple of brothers out of LA and has a Facebook presence only, no web site or brick-and-mortar location).  It’s polyester so while it feels nice and cozy to wear, I did have to be careful not to melt it with the iron!

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

Overall, I am very pleased with my cozy new sweater!  We’ve had a crazy winter so far — it was freezing a few days ago, but is hitting the mid-60s today.  I’m sure I’ll still get plenty more wear out of this as we’re apparently getting a winter storm again this weekend!

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

Creative Counselor: Named Talvikki Sweater

Pattern: Talvikki Sweater by Named Patterns.

Price: €10.00 for PDF; €16.00 for paper.

Size: 36/38

Difficulty: Intermediate

Techniques Required: Working with heavy knits, sewing a dart, installing a facing, sewing a vent.


  • Darted neckline
  • Side vents.

Supplies Needed:

  • Heavy knit fabric
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns: Toaster Sweaters 1 and 2 by Sew House Seven; Jasper Sweater by Paprika Patterns; Halifax Hoodie by Hey June.

Fabric: This is a fleece-backed sweater knit that I picked up in some Facebook fabric group last year.  It’s warm and soft, but unfortunately is polyester.  It doesn’t affect how it wears, but I had to be careful not to melt it with my iron.

Fit: Good.  This is a bulky, oversized sweater, so fitting isn’t a huge issue.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: Available in PDF and paper.  I have the PDF. Named does a good job at making sure their pattern files aren’t ridiculously huge.  As I prefer tracing over taping, I actually liked it when they used to overlap their pattern pieces, but alas, they don’t do that on the PDFs anymore.


  • Darts are a fun design detail on an otherwise basic sweater.
  • Great for heavier knits to make a really warm sweater.
  • The neck facing gives a nice, clean finish.
  • Side vents are another great design detail.
  • Pretty straight forward construction.  The sleeve is particularly easy to set in.


  • The side vents mean that this sweater probably requires layering.
  • The darts take a long time.  Without those darts, this would be an incredibly fast make.
  • You have to be careful with the neck opening if you have a big head (like me).  Depending on your fabric and the stitch you use, it may be challenging to get your head through that hole.
  • The pattern features a dropped sleeve, which is fine, but in the heavy fabrics that the pattern calls for, it can lead to some bunching under the arm.

Overall Grade: B.  Named always puts out solid, well-made patterns and this is no exception.  It has some fun details that add some pop to an otherwise simple design.

**All photos courtesy of Crystal Liepa Photography

0 thoughts on “Wrapping myself in warmth, aka the Named Talvikki Sweater

  1. Lovely sweater and I have almost the same fabric to make one for myself. If I could as a question… My high bust would put me in the 36/38 range but my full bust is 41. So I’m trying to figure out which size to cut and if I should do an FBA or not. I think they draft for a B cup so add 2 inches and that leaves me at cut a 38/40 and then do the appropriate FBA. I just don’t want it to be out of control big on me but I don’t want it to be too short in the front either. Any wise advice for me???

    1. I think it depends on where in the 36/38 range you would fall. If you look at their size chart that breaks out 36 and 38, does your high bust fall in the 36 or 38? If 36, then I think you may want to do the 36/38 with an FBA. But if it puts you in 38, then I would probably do the 38/40. Because you’re right, size up too much and the the shoulders will be swimming on you, but you need the extra fabric in front that you’ll get from the FBA.

      1. Thanks Katie.
        I am smack in the middle at 37. Full bust is a 41… Exactly. It sucks every time… I used to do my FBA off of a 36 and then there was a huge dart which causes all sorts of troubles of its own… and depending on ease things could be a bit tight through the back… I discovered to go up 2 inches and then do my FBA so I get a much smaller dart which is much more pleasant to sew. But see the conundrum with a HB of 37… translates to 39 in most patterns so you are usually choosing between the 38 and 40… 38 gets a big dart, 40 gets a manageable dart… I have almost stopped sewing with woven right now because I am sick of fiddling with things… This is just such a nice sweater I really want to get it right though. I think I’ll take measurements off the finished sweater and see what’s what and probably do a small FBA and try to rotate it up to the neck darts.

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