My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience

This is a lot of posting over the last few days (after a couple of months off!), but I wanted to get this particular post done and out there before the holidays, just in case anyone is looking to jump-start new year’s resolutions in 2017 ūüôā

**This post contains affiliate links. ¬†I¬†would not include an affiliate link if I didn’t really like this program. ¬†But if you keep reading, I think you’ll see that my results certainly justify my enthusiasm!**

As most of you know, I didn’t do¬†a lot of sewing in November and December this year. ¬†So what was I doing instead? ¬†Well, in addition to sleeping, reading and catching up on TV shows with the hubs, I was also really focused on getting myself back in shape and trying to lean down and lose some of the 20 pounds I’d packed on over the last 2 years.

I’ve tried lots of different workout programs since having kids, many of which really are good programs, but¬†I didn’t have any real results with any of them. ¬†Until now!

Guys, I am so excited that I finally found the program that works for me! ¬†After seeing a random Instagram post from a fashion blogger I follow, I clicked¬†through and found Amanda Tress’ FASTer Way to Fat Loss program (affiliate link).

This is a program built around an eating style called intermittent fasting (or IF). ¬†The theory behind IF is that your body is always doing 1 of 2 things –it’s either digesting food or its’ healing itself/making itself better. ¬†If your body spends less¬†time digesting food, it has more time to make itself better. ¬†With an IF approach, you go a longer period of time without eating (fasting) and then eat all of your daily calories in a short window of time. ¬†A typical¬†weight loss plan would have someone of my size and activity level eating about 1400 calories per day, which I what I did on this program. ¬†But rather than eating from 7am to 7pm and then fasting for 12 hours, as would be typical, I ate all 1400 of my calories between noon and about 6pm, and then fasted for 18 hours.

In addition to intermittent fasting, the program uses carb cycling, macro tracking, and daily check ins to keep everyone on track and focus on fat burning (as opposed to simple weight loss). ¬†There are also daily workouts — one version for those who exercise at a gym and another for those who want to exercise at home.

All-in-all, the structure, discipline and flexibility of the program was exactly what I needed!  And I think that my results really tell the story.  Here are my before and after measurements:

Creative-Counselor: FASTer Way to Fat Loss Results

When you add up all those inches lost, I lost more than¬†25 inches total! ¬†But more importantly, I feel good, I feel alert and focused, and my clothes are all fitting better. ¬†In fact, I went down about 3 pants sizes, so most of my pants don’t actually fit anymore!

And here are some before and after photos. ¬†I actually don’t think the photos tell as complete a story as my measurements, largely because while I lost a¬†ton of fat, I still have more to lose, and I will always have my saggy post-baby belly skin hanging around (no pun intended).

Creative-Counselor: FASTer Way to Fat Loss Results

Creative-Counselor: FASTer Way to Fat Loss Results

Creative-Counselor: FASTer Way to Fat Loss Results

But I have no qualms whatsoever recommending this program (affiliate link) to anyone who is really looking to jump start their health goals and may have had mixed results in the past.  I found the combination of the workouts and eating plan to be highly effective and also easily adaptable into most lifestyles.

**FYI for anyone interested — the next program starts January 9 (I’m already signed up!) Amanda caps the number of people she accepts in to the program, and I think there’s only about 25 spots left. ¬†So if you do want to sign up, don’t wait! ¬†And as always, if you do sign up, I would be eternally grateful if use my affiliate link (here) and help support my blogging habit ūüôā

2 thoughts on “My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience

  1. You know I’m sold on IF! I was shocked at how quickly I lost weight when I first started. I’ve taken a break from it the last couple months, but will start up again post-holidays. Congrats on dropping the inches!

  2. Glad to see you are focusing on yourself ! I’d pick a good workout over a bit of sewing too! I’ve never heard of IF before but that seems like a really easy way to avoid some the donuts at work or the late night cocktail bad habits.

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