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Canyon Cardigan — still hanging on to summer

Welp, that was an unexpected weeklong break! ¬†Oh well, worse things have happened ūüôā

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

And in the meantime, I tested the new cardigan just released by Love Notions — the Canyon Cardigan¬†(affiliate link)!

*Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions’ paid testers, meaning I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and talking about it afterwards.

This may just be my perfect cardigan. ¬†I’m not joking about that. ¬†I wear cardigans a lot, but¬†I’ve never found a pattern that was¬†just what I wanted for casual wear. ¬†I have a go-to pattern for your basic work-appropriate twin-set type cardigan, but my quest for my ideal looser casual cardigan has been long and arduous. ¬†And it’s finally over!

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

The Canyon Cardigan comes with 3 different silhouettes — A-line, gathered, and waterfall, all with¬†the option of a sleeve or a vest. ¬†For my tester version, I chose the waterfall silhouette in the vest option.

There are any number of drape-neck cardigans available on the indie market right now, but my complaint is the same with all of them — too much fabric around the neck. ¬†I am unusually laissez-faire about some things, but quite picky about others, and fabric on my neck falls into my uber-picky category. ¬†It drives me nuts! ¬†So the great thing about the waterfall version of this cardigan is that I can have my cake and eat it too! ¬†A nice, drapey front silhouette with zero extra fabric hanging out on my neck ūüôā

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

Construction is surprisingly easy, considering how great the final product was.  The waterfall version has options to either leave the hem raw or hem it using a mitred edge on that corner.  I originally thought I would hem it, but when it came time to sew I was feeling lazy, and left the hem raw both on this version and my muslin (which I would show you except I messed up connecting the skirt and the front is totally uneven).  And I actually like it!

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

I’ve been wanting to add a vest or two to my wardrobe for a very long time. ¬†We have pretty mild weather in Kansas — our warm season starts in February or March, and it won’t¬†really get cold until November — so a piece like this has a lot of wearing opportunity. ¬†I will undoubtedly be making a couple sleeved versions for fall, but I still plan to add another vest version to my wardrobe as well. ¬†And the nice thing is that with three different silhouettes, it won’t look like I’m just making the same thing over and over (even though I am!).

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

My fabric for this particular vest is a¬†wonderfully soft rayon/spandex tissue knit that I picked up at a local fabric shop called Modern Makers. It is lightweight and has absolutely gorgeous drape — perfect for¬†this waterfall vest. ¬†I have a variety of other knits that I want to try out as well, including some heavier weight knits that I think would work really nicely in the A-line version.

Creative Counselor: Canyon Cardigan

Oh, and did I mention that it has pocket?  Love me a good pocket! My search is over.  My perfect casual cardigan has arrived!

Which version will you try first?

Pattern: Canyon Cardigan (affiliate link) by Love Notions

Price: $8.95, currently on sale through Thursday for $6.00.

Size: S

Difficulty: Adventurous beginner

Techniques Required: Working with knits, attaching a neckband, attaching sleeves (optional), sewing a mitred corner (optional), sewing facing (optional).


  • 3¬†silhouettes
  • Two sleeve lengths.
  • Vest option

Supplies Needed:

  • Knit Fabric
  • Matching thread

Similar Patterns: There are a number of cardigan patterns available, but none with as many options.  The Grainline Driftless is another good oversized cardigan.  There are also a number of drape-neck cardigans (which have more bulk around the neck).  Options are the EYMM Four Seasons Cardigan, the Patterns for Pirates Carefree Cardigan, and the Swoon Scarf-Neck Cardigan.  The Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan is another good casual cardigan, though a significantly different shape and construction than this one.

Fabric: This vest is made with a rayon/spandex tissue knit.  Perfect for a lightweight layer.

Fit: Wonderful!  This cardigan is a very forgiving fit, but I think Tami did a good job tweaking the shoulders and neckline to get the best possible starting fit for as many women as possible.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF. Tami always includes a printing guide to minimize the number of pages you need to print.  For this view, I think I had 18 pages to print and tape.


  • Lots of options for silhouette and sleeve style. ¬†Includes pretty much every casual option I would want.
  • Instructions are good and easy to follow.
  • Straightforward construction. ¬†I was surprised at how easily and quickly this went together.


  • Cutting the neckband in two pieces isn’t really necessary on the smaller sizes (though it is on the larger).
  • The waterfall skirt piece can’t be cut on the fold because it’s too wide. ¬†These are tiny, nit-picky little things that are really¬†incapable of being changed, but I don’t have any real negatives on this one!

Overall Grade: A.  This is an incredibly versatile, easy to wear, staple wardrobe item.  Hard to beat that!

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  1. Looks great! How does one figure out a good place for the hem of the waterfall portion to hit? Also, can you show how you piece together your patterns? I usually use glue stick or spray glue. I’m curious about this taping that you speak of.

    1. I made this per the pattern pieces, but there are lengthen/shorten instructions in the pattern. For me, I generally like longer cardigans to hit right around my hip, and for this waterfall, the bottom hits me about mid-thigh, which I think is a good spot.

      As for my patterns, I just use Scotch tape to tape them together. I’ve never glued them as I’m a little leery of a glue stick’s ability to stick long term ūüôā

  2. This is cute! I’m the same way about having too much fabric on my neck. Even wearing a scarf can give me neck pain, which usually endes up as a headache… so annoying since I really hate my neck to be cold! Anyway, this pattern sounds super versatile, will have to check it out!

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