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Luna Loungewear

The latest Love Notions pattern has released and once again I tested it (Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions paid testers, meaning that I get a small stipend for testing the pattern and then talking about it after release).

This time Tami decided to make sure that we were all as well dressed at night as we are during the day.  Hence the Luna Loungewear (affiliate link) pajama set:

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

The pattern comes with options for a cami, nightgown, built-in shelf bra, shorts, and capris.  Basically everything you would need for your idea pair of summer pajamas.

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

I have been needing to revamp my pajamas for aaaaages, but had never gotten around to it.  I basically wear old t-shirts and leggings to bed and I look like a bum when I wake up.  I always wanted to have cute mix-and-match PJs, but other projects always seemed more pressing.  Testing these was a great opportunity to fix that and I now have two (soon to be three) sets of pajamas that can all mix and match.

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

For all of my PJ sets, I did camis with built-in shelf bras and paired them with shorts.  I don’t like a lot of fabric covering me while I sleep in the summer time, so this combo was perfect for me.

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

These pieces all go together really smoothly.  Even on the very first tester version, the shorts fit me well without any revisions, and that continued through to the final pattern.  The cami took a little more tweaking to get it fitted correctly through the bust.  The green cami above is from the very first version, and it’s a little big through the bust.  The purple one is from a later version, after the bust was taken in, and the fit is pretty much spot-on.

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

This pattern is also a great stash buster!  Not only can you use quilting cotton for the shorts, but it’s actually ideal for these shorts and capris.  And I was able to fit all the M shorts I made on a single yard of 44″ quilting cotton!  I have a huge pile of quilting cotton that I bought back when I used to make primarily kids clothes that I now never use.  It will be perfect for more PJ shorts 🙂

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

The cami is great for all those random pieces of knit sitting around.  The cami itself only needs 5/8 yard of knit fabric, and the shelf bra needs 3/8 yard.  And both of those will have a decent amount leftover.  I’ve been eyeing some Liberty of London jersey for another cami because I need so little for this pattern, but so far I’ve been good and resisted 🙂

After my 3 sets (third is currently in production), I am all set for my warmer-weather PJs, but I will definitely be breaking this pattern out again and pairing it with some La Bella Donna tops (affiliate link) for winter!

Creative Counselor: Luna Loungewear

Pattern: Luna Loungewear (affiliate link) by Love Notions

Price: $8.95 (currently on sale for $7.00)

Size: S on top, M on bottom

Difficulty: Advanced beginner.

Techniques Required: Attaching lingerie elastic, Sewing with knits, sewing with wovens sewing buttonholes.


  • Optional Shelf bra (cami and nighty).
  • Knit bindings or FOE or lingerie elastic for finishes on the top.
  • 2 lengths on bottom — shorts and capri.
  • 2 lengths on top — cami or nighty.
  • Optional drawstring waist.
  • Optional faux fly.

Supplies Needed:

  • Knit or woven cut on the bias for the cami/nighty main.
  • Sturdy knit (like cotton/lycra), FOE or lingerie elastic for finishing on the cami/nighty.
  • 3/4″ plush-back lingerie elastic for the shelf bra.
  • Knit or woven fabric for the shorts/capris.
  • 1.5″ waistband elastic
  • Drawstring

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Fabric: This was a fabulous stash buster!  The camis are both Robert Kaufman Laguna cotton/lycra jersey blends from, and the bottoms are all quilting cotton that has been sitting in my stash for aaaaaages.  I’m not sure what the navy is, but the teal is one of Liesl Gibson’s collections for Moda.

Fit: Really good.  Even in the very first tester version, the shorts on this pattern fit wonderfully without alteration.  The cami took a couple of revisions to get it just right, but after all the modifications, it’s a great fit for me.

Modifications: I shortened the hem on the shorts by about 1″.  I like my PJ shorts to be pretty short, and as-drafted they’re about 1″ too long for me.

Pattern format: PDF.  Tami does a really good job with her print guide so you only need to print the pages you’ll actually use.  And the no-trim pages are also great.


  • This is my perfect, comfy PJ set.
  • I definitely feel comfortable wearing it around the house — as in, I don’t feel the need to jump into clothes as soon as I get out of bed.  I could answer the door in this and look totally fine.
  • It all goes together really easily.  The FOE option to finish the cami makes that piece pretty simple as well.
  • I love the fit through the waist and hip on the shorts.  They are appropriately loose, but not baggy.
  • Plenty of options for everyone.  I will probably even sew up a couple of La Bella Donnas (affiliate link)  to pair with the capris for winter PJs.


  • The set itself doesn’t include a fall/winter top.  But the La Bella Donna (affiliate link) would be a great pairing for colder temperatures.
  • The cami/nighty pattern uses the same piece for front and back.  That wasn’t a big deal for me, but larger busted ladies may find it a fitting issue.  If you are larger in the bust, be prepared for an FBA for the front piece, or to use different sizes for front and back.  The shelf bra does come with a separate piece for those bigger than a D cup.

Overall Grade: A.  This set has all kinds of options for pretty much every PJ need and it easily pairs with a t-shirt for colder temperatures.  I definitely won’t need to buy another PJ set!


3 thoughts on “Luna Loungewear

  1. When you say larger busted ladies may want to use different sizes do you mean use a larger size in the front and a smaller one for the back? I see on the size chart that for the cami/nightie one should choose size based on high bust so that’s why I’m confused.

    1. Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Love Notions is drafted for a B cup and I found that the top fit great on me (I’m a sewing C cup). There is a different shelf bra piece for D+ cup, but not a separate cami/nightgown piece. You could also trace the D+ cup shelf bra onto the cami piece to get a larger bust area but keep the waist and hips the same.

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