Cali & Co Contributor!

I’ve been having a nice little blog break this summer, and taking some time to really think about how I want to use this space going forward.

One hard reality for me is that if I want to keep this space alive, it ultimately needs to support itself.  Meaning that it needs to eventually bring in enough income to cover the cost of the materials and considerable time that goes into putting it together.

To accomplish that, I will ultimately start working on forming partnerships with businesses that make sense for this blog and readership, and on growing this little community.  I have a couple of things in the works that I’m really excited about, and I’m talking more about one of them today.

I was very honored to be selected as an official contributor to the new Cali Fabrics blog that will be launching August 1!  I’m a big Cali Fabrics fan anyway, so this wasn’t a big leap for me, but I’m very happy that Ron and the Cali Fabrics team is taking a leap of faith with me 🙂

Starting in August, you will find me periodically over at the new Cali Fabrics blog talking about their fabrics and the things I make with it.  And of course you’ll continue to see lots of Cali Fabrics goodness here 🙂

I’m excited about all the possibilities here, and even have my first project complete and ready for photographs!

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  1. Congratulations! You are the one that introduced me to Cali Fabrics. Can’t wait to read their blog and your posts.

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