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Popping in to show off my V(ery) Hot Pants!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool, and the summer is passing much more quickly than I would like.  I always feel like I spend the entire year waiting for the warm, balmy days of summer, and then I blink and it’s over.  That’s not helped by the fact that I still have to work full-time all summer long.  Maybe someday that will change, but not anytime soon :/

But on to the topic at hand!  I have found myself in dire need of workout shorts, which led me to sign up to test the recently-released V(ery) Hot Pants (affiliate link) from KBSD.

Creative Counselor: V Pants

Testing is always great motivation to actually sew up something that I need in my wardrobe but am not generally motivated to make, like athletic wear.  Case in point: I’ve been roasting my bum off in the same two pairs of capri leggings that I wear in much cooler weather because I didn’t feel like making myself some much-needed shorts.

Creative Counselor: V Pants

This pattern is surprisingly straightforward.  The optional gusset was by far the fussiest part, and even it went in really well when I basted it in place prior to serging.  I think that waistband is a fun detail on these shorts.  It overlaps at the front forming a V, which is both easy to sew and pretty flattering on even my post-three-babies belly.

Creative Counselor: V Pants

My black fabric is from the now-closed Sew Kinetic and the green is swim knit that I picked up a couple of months ago at Cali Fabrics.  Sadly, this particular print seems to be sold out, but there is no shortage of other poly/lycra swim fabric available there.

Creative Counselor: V Pants

The fit on these shorts is really good.  In fact, my only complaint is one of my own creation.  I made a straight M for testing purposes, but my measurements really put me in a S waist and M hips.  As a result, these shorts slip down like crazy when I’m doing really active cardio like burpees or mountain climbers.  I haven’t gone running in them yet, so we’ll see whether they stay up for running or whether they are strict lifting-only shorts.

Creative Counselor: V Pants

Pattern: V(ery) Hot Pants (affiliate link) by KBSD.

Price: $10.00

Size: M

Difficulty: Intermediate

Techniques Required: Sewing with athletic knits, attaching a gusset, hemming knits, pants fitting (if necessary).

Similar Patterns: None of these have the V waistband detail, but other good athletic legging patterns are the Greenstyle Inspire and Stride Tights, the Sewaholic Pacific Leggings, and the Seamwork Aires.

Fabric: Black triplex atheltic knit from Sew Kinetic (now closed), and printed poly/lycra swim fabric from Cali Fabrics.

Fit: Really good.  I technically need a S at the waist, and that is evident in that they tend to slip down with vigorous exercise.  I plan to try another pair with my proper sizing.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF.  Stephanie does a good job keeping her PDF files manageable, and this is no exception.  While the actual file was about 30 pages, I only needed to print 12 for the shorts version.


  • Lots of options — 4 lengths, two rises and an optional pocket.  Several testers made the cheeky length as swim bottoms.
  • Gusset is key for athletic wear.
  • Assembly was surprisingly straightforward.  I always have this idea that athletic wear is complicated and it’s really not.
  • Pocket and V waistband are fun details.
  • Uses very little fabric.  Particularly if you’re doing a contrast at the waist and stripes, you probably need 1/2 yard or less of each for the shorts.


  • Gusset can be a little tricky to install.  I highly recommend basting it in place with your sewing machine prior to serging.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Overall Grade: B+. This is actually the first pair of athletic tights/shorts I’ve ever made, and I was impressed with how easily it all went together.

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