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Pattern Review: Women’s California Dress

As promised, I’m back with a blow-by-blow review of my EYMM Ladies California Dress from my Mother’s Day post last week.

Creative Counselor: California dress

I’ll start off by saying that this dress is uber comfy.  The fabric is wonderfully soft and easy to wear, and the dress itself is pretty close to my perfect knit tank dress.

Creative Counselor: California dress

I did make a number of changes to the patter, but they were all fairly easy to replicate.  The main change I made was to ditch the back piece included in the pattern.  The pattern is drafted with a scoop neckline in front and then a faux halter in back.  The idea is that the dress is reversible so you can have either a scoop or halter look depending on what trips your trigger on any particular day.

Creative Counselor: California dress

Since I really don’t care for halter dresses, I decided to skip that feature of the pattern.  Instead, I used the front piece for front and back, and raised the neckline a few inches on my back piece.

Creative Counselor: California dress

My other big change was to omit the waist elastic and smooth out the side seam.  The pattern is drafted for an elastic casing at the waist, and the piece has a little dip at the waist where the casing goes.  When I was cutting, I just ignored that part of the piece, and cut a smooth, straight line all the way up.

No need to go on for ages.  It’s a simple dress, and can be addressed in a simple post.  I see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one!

Creative Counselor: California dress

Pattern: Ladies California Dress (affiliate link) by EYMM

Price: $9.95

Size: M

Difficulty:  Beginner.

Techniques Required: Sewing with knits, hemming knits, attaching bands, working with elastic (if doing the casing).

Similar Patterns:  Jocole Quick Dress; Jamie Christina Mission Maxi; and any tank pattern can be lengthened into a dress like this.

Fabric:  Club line stripes from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, which is a cotton/lycra blend.  It is amazingly soft.

Fit:  Great.  This dress is nice and loose and comfy.  It is really easy to wear all day, and will be great for hot weather.

Modifications: Used the same piece for front and back to have the scoop on both sides, eliminated waist elastic.

Pattern format: PDF.


  • Quick, easy sew.
  • Nice shape and silhouette if you like the loose look (which I do).
  • Fit was good straight out of the envelope.  I didn’t need any fit adjustments.
  • Plenty of options if that’s your thing.  I didn’t care for the halter, so I eliminated it, but you could easily do the halter on both front and back, just like I did with the scoop.


  • The dress as drafted is a little schizophrenic IMO.  The halter and the scoop are a little confusing, like it can’t decide what it wants to be.  Still, I know that all the options will appeal to some.

Overall Grade: B-.  Cute, quick and comfortable dress.

*Disclaimer: I received this pattern free of charge for a blog tour.

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