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The Long & Short of It — Prefontaine Shorts

Well, it just seems like I can’t get enough of blog tours lately!  When Ti asked me about joining this blog tour highlighting summer capris and shorts, and I realized that I didn’t even need to sew up anything new since I had an unblogged pair of Prefontaine Shorts, I figured what the hey?

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

So I am here today showing off my fourth version of the Made by Moxie Prefontaine Shorts.  I haven’t sewn a lot of shorts patterns, but the fact that I’ve gone back to this one four times now should tell you something.  It should tell you that I really like it!

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

I did a full-on review of the Prefontaine Shorts last summer, which you can find here.  And here are the three other pairs that I’ve made and are still in my wardrobe:

Creative Counselor: Prefontaine Shorts

For this pair, I mixed it up a little.  I had about a yard of this super lightweight denim sitting around, and I wanted a super versatile pair of shorts that I could wear with anything.  And while I love the binding details on the Prefontaine, it tends to limit the garment pairings and also gives them a sportier look that I wanted to avoid with this pair.  And I did have enough fabric to do a self binding, like I did with the white pair.

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

So rather than cutting these shorts to have bound edges, like my other pairs, I cut them straight at the outseam and sewed them up like any other pair of shorts without a binding.

And I got exactly what I was going for!  These shorts are a really comfortable blank slate that I can pair with just about anything in my wardrobe and wear all summer long.  They’re short but not too short, loose but not baggy, and the pockets are big enough to hold my phone.

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

As with my other pairs, I drafted a pocket facing rather than using the pocket-stitched-to-the-main-shorts method.  I know many prefer that method, which is perfectly valid, but I have always preferred the look of a separate pocket facing.  It’s a really simple modification to make, and one that I happily did here.

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

My fabric is a really lightweight denim from Joann’s.  I’ve been using a disturbing amount of fabric from Joann’s lately, I’ve noticed.  They really have improved the selection since I first started sewing a few years ago, and you can get some gems there now.  Their lightweight denim is a good example.  I avoid most of their denims, which tend to be poly blends, but they have lightweight 4 oz. 100% cotton denim in three colorways, and it is nice.

Creative Counselor: The long and short of it

I can’t say that I’m done with my shorts sewing for the summer (I’m working on a pair right now that are going to be awesome!  You’ll see them in the next couple of weeks), but it’s nice to have a go-to pair that go with just about everything.

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20 thoughts on “The Long & Short of It — Prefontaine Shorts

  1. Okay, I did a trial pair of these last summer and have been wearing them endlessly as pajama shorts, but I didn’t want the sporty look so much for everyday wear. Your whole outfit with the white pair is perfect, and the denim is also great! You have inspired me. 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m so glad! Sporty doesn’t really “go” in my wardrobe either. I love the fit of the pattern, but knew they needed to be more traditional for me to actually wear them.

  2. These look perfect. And I love the fabric. I’ll need to check out our local joanns as they look like the perfect fabric for more Pattern Emporium Hepburn Shorts.

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