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Dive into Dolmans: Wrap up and my thoughts

Well, it’s over — no more weekly dolman talk around here.  Or maybe there will be…

Dive Into Dolmans

I love that dolmans are a quick instant-gratification type of project.  If my pattern is already taped together, I can usually make it from fabric cutting to final hem in less than 2 hours.  That makes dolmans a perfect quick-fix project.

Over the last five weeks, I made 5 different dolmans:

Creative Counselor: Dolman wrap up

Week 1: The Tee by Cake Patterns | Week 2: Georgia by Blue Dot Patterns | Week 3: Aberdeen by Seamwork | Week 4: Olivia Oversize Tee by Maria Denmark | Week 5: Natasha by EYMM

So what did I think?  I won’t bore you all with paragraphs of words here — if you want nitty gritty on these patterns, please click on the links above to read about each one.  But here’s generally where I come out:

Which pattern is my favorite?  The Maria Denmark Olivia Oversize Tee.  It was super fast and I love how it came together and the overall fit.  I think this may become my new go-to tee pattern.

Which pattern is my least favorite?  That’s tough because I didn’t hate any of them and they’re all relatively different.  My least favorite, though, would probably be the Cake pattern because it was the poorest fit for my body.  But I still maintain that the neckband construction came out really well.

Which pattern had the best instructions?  Probably the Georgia.  It was also one of the simplest to make, but the instructions were good.

Which pattern had the worst instructions?  Gotta go with the Aberdeen on this one just because of the neckband instructions.  A newbie to V-necks would be tearing their hair out if they tried to follow only those instructions.

Which pattern am I most likely to make again?  The Maria Denmark, hands down.  In fact, I’ve already made 2 more and have a third cut and ready to sew!

Which pattern am I least likely to make again?  The Natasha (affiliate link).  I’m glad I made it once, but I don’t really have a need for multiple tops like this in my wardrobe.

Which top will I wear the most?  Again, Maria Denmark.  I’ve already worn it several times and made several more, which are also getting worn.

Which top will I wear the least?  I think this is a tie between the Cake Tee and the Natasha (affiliate link).  Cake because the fit at the shoulders is a little funny on me and Natasha because it’s a very unique style that’s a little outside my comfort zone. Still, I think both will get worn.

Which pattern from other tour bloggers do I most want to acquire and make?  This is actually a tie for me between the Mandy Boat Tee that Sew Sophie Lynn made and the Hey June Aurora (affiliate link) that both Sew Sophie Lynn and Dos Natural Sistas made.  I love the look of both patterns.

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  1. I love the looks of the Aberdeen, but the bad directions on the v-neck make me slightly nervous. I’ve never done one. What is your favorite v-neck pattern in terms of directions? It doesn’t have to be a dolman.

    1. Definitely Grainline Lark. Those directions are great! There’s also a step by step photo tutorial on the Sewaholic blog for the Renfrew. That one is excellent too.

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